Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Didn't he want me?

I had tried everything. I had flirted with him and kissed him. I had let his hand run up over my stockings and play with my garter straps. How I wish his hand had strayed further?  Now I had broken off to undo my skirt and he leant back as if he now wasn’t interested. Couldn’t he see my excitement trying to burst through my sissy panties?  Didn’t he know how much I need to feel and suck and worship his cock? Didn’t he want me? 

Ohh...pretty undies

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Meeting a real man

Come in little one, don’t be afraid.  That’s it right into the middle of the living room. Let Bruce see what you look like.
Forgive me my manners.  You remember Bruce don’t you little one?  Yes, that’s right he was the one that came and fucked me last week. He has the most extraordinary cock and knows just what to do with it, don’t you Bruce?
I was just telling Bruce how you licked me clean afterwards. I loved the way you sucked up Bruce’s cum with such enthusiasm.  You did like that didn’t you little one?
Don’t mumble sissy. Please reply loud and clear. Say yes Mistress I loved sucking up Bruce’s cum.  That’s better.   Well you never know you might get another chance this evening.
Don’t you think she is adorable Bruce?  Yes her pretty pink maids uniform is rather fetching and the fuck me pink heels go nicely.  Lift up your skirt sissy – let Bruce see your adorable panties.  Yes, she is dressed all in pink from her panties and bra to the ribbon in her hair.
Now then please introduce yourself to Bruce.  First of all curtsey for him.  That’s very good little one. Now come and sit on his lap.  No of course he won’t mind.  Don’t be afraid come and sit on Bruce’s lap.  Well done little one.
What’s that little one? You can feel Bruce’s cock? Of course you can. Bruce has a proper man’s cock rather than the puny specimen you have. And of course if you squirm around on Bruce’s lap he will of course get excited.  But its pushing into your panties?  Well if Bruce wants to do that I should just enjoy it. 
Oh for goodness sake stop squirming around on Bruce’s lap.  Oh dear I knew this might happen. Look Bruce at her panties. She has cum in them yet again.  Sissy go to your room immediately and clean yourself up and present yourself back here in 5 minutes.  I want you to see how a real man treats his women.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The 'cum for me' game

“Cum for me little one.    Feel your breasts around the lacy bra. Feel the lacy pink panties encasing your sissy clit.  Stroke your sissy clit and cum for me.
Imagine you are being filled with a cock.  Your man is hard for you. Feel that cock.  Put your hands round it.  Kiss the tip. Can you see how that pleases him?  Suck it. Go on little one suck it and please your man.  Can you feel the cock throbbing? Is he about to cum? He is about to cum isn’t he little one?
Cum with him little one, cum at the same time. Take his sperm in your mouth and cum for me. Fill your pink panties with your cum.  That’s it.
And do it NOW!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oh, Sir

Master asked me to look for his watch that he had dropped down the side of his bed.  I climbed on the bed and put my hand down the other side to feel for it, only vaguely aware that my pink panties were visible to Master who was standing behind me.  I couldn’t find the watch, but I did find that Master’s hand had found its way to my bottom and that he was running his finger inside the gusset of my pink panties. I didn’t move. Moving would have meant that Master would stop and I didn’t want that. I wanted him to continue; I let out a soft moan as his fingers began to rub my little sissy clit. With my head pushed downwards onto the bed and my bottom sticking up making myself available to Master’s ministrations I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could feel the glorious warmth of his hand on my bottom as he hooked his fingers inside my panties and began to draw them down.  It was then that I felt something else that wasn’t his hand. “Oh, Sir” was all I could manage to say.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Caught on camera

When she asked me to fetch something from the car I could have died. Go outside dressed like this; I couldn't. Then she got all pouty and insistent.  I knew that in the end I was going to have to do it and hope there was no one in the neighbourhood watching.  It was only a few yards up the drive after all.  Yet as soon as I was outside the front door there was our next door neighbour Frank waiting there with his camera. It was almost as if he had been waiting for me......

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The warmup act?

I was very unhappy about getting dressed in front of Charlie, her new friend.  It was all very well her telling me not to be embarrassed, but she didn't have to put her panties on while Charlie sat there.  He seemed to be rubbing his bits as I got dressed; he certainly didn't take his eyes off me the whole time.  I even thought I saw her start rubbing the front of Charlie's trousers as I slipped into the pink panties and put the pink bra over my new boy breasts.  The pink skirt was simply gorgeous, but trying to put it on while they both sat on the sofa watching me was terribly uncomfortable.  I do believe my face must almost have matched my costume.  When I had finished and gave her and Charlie a quick curtsey, they gave me a short round of applause and then began kissing.  Soon afterwards she took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom.  I felt a bit like the warmup act.  But at least I got to wear the skirt I had wanted to wear for such an age.

Monday, 24 September 2012

A sissy's day

Master went to work so very early this morning.  He gave me a kiss goodbye – I wanted to make it more and tempt him back to bed – but he just said that I was an evil sissy and that he had to go.  What was I going to do all day without him?  I hated it when he went so early.

I had tidied up, completed the laundry and ordered the food delivery from the online store. It was still only 9am. I was missing him so much.
I went to the wardrobe and took in the smell of him from one of his suits. His after shave made my sissy clit excited. I decided that perhaps a little dress-up session would pass the time.  Unfortunately I got a little over excited!

It was still only lunchtime.  I looked longingly out of the window for him even though I knew he wouldn’t be in until at least 7pm.
I fell asleep for a little while and then played dress-up again, preparing myself for when he came home. What would he like?  Would he be able to resist in this panty and bra set. 
Oh why wasn’t he here?  I so wanted him and shed a few tears in my self-pity. 
At last the day was over I saw him parking the car from the Window and charged to the door to greet him.  I was determined to make his evening one that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Clean up time

I have been so lucky to have a wife so kind and understanding. Even when she began to insist on me dressing in her panties and bras, and later on in skirts, tops, stockings and high heels, she has always been so patient with me. I know I have never been able to satisfy her in bed, but she always pretended to enjoy it and to comfort me afterwards when I was upset.  I would sob uncontrollably, but she always cuddled up close to me and told me how much she loved me and that it didn’t matter that I could only produce a little bit of a dribble from my man bits.  She was lovely.
But recently I didn’t know what to think. She began sleeping with men and coming back at all times of the night.  She would always wake me to tell me all about what had happened as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  I don’t know what I felt as I cuddled up to her; sometimes wide eyed amazement at the things she was telling me, sometimes real pain at the thought of her with someone else. Sometimes I cried silently and sometimes my little sissy clitty got hard hearing the things she got up to.
This evening I could hardly believe what she was asking me to do.  I awoke and she cuddled up as usual and told me about her ‘date’.  This evening she made me hard as anything and she reached inside my panties and put her hand round my bits as she told me about it.  When she had finished she whispered in my ear; “Please sweetie would you lick me in my special place?  Please my little one?”
 I wasn’t sure what to do or say.  I was getting very excited and couldn’t think clearly at all.  She had been so nice to me that it would seem to be so heartless of me to refuse her anything. I nodded.  She quickly removed the panties she had worn that evening, and without removing her skirt or any of her other clothes she turned round and slowly lowered herself towards me.  As she did so I could see the gooey mess in her clitty, some of it dripping down.  My mind raced, but it was too late now.  She settled herself just above my face and I put my tongue out to catch the first of the man’s cum.  As I did so she lowered herself further and I reached up and began to suck on her clitty.  “Good girl”, she gasped as I set to work.

Monday, 17 September 2012

First cock

“Jackie and Brian, may I introduce you to Sissy. Sissy has been looking forward to your visit.  In fact she has been trying on clothes all afternoon trying to decide which ones you like.  I will have to tell Sissy off later; her room is simply a mess with panties and bras and skirts and tops all over the floor. “
“Yes, Brian she decided on this ensemble herself.  Yes, she is rather adorable. Please turn round and show Jackie and Brian your outfit.  Now do so again please, but this time raise the front of your skirt so Jackie and Brian can see your panties.  Yes, the lacy pink panties are adorable. They are Sissy’s favourites.”
“Now then Sissy as you know Brian has come to introduce you to cock.  Don’t blush so Sissy; you know you have been fantasising about this moment for months. Honestly Jackie he has been day dreaming all week about Brian’s visit.  He simply couldn’t stop cumming in his panties.”
“Don’t stand there like a blushing violet. Give Brian a kiss”
“Yes, isn’t he cute.  The way he had to stand on tip toe to kiss Brian was ever so sweet and the way he swung his leg back.  Come and sit down both of you; please take a chair.”
“Sissy please sit on Brians lap. Brian please play with her as much as you like. She loves having her new titties played with.”
“Yes, Sissy of course you must take your top off so that Brian has full access to your breasts. Sissy is so proud of her new titties, Jackie and they are ever so sensitive.”
“Sissy don’t look like that.  Well of course you are able to feel Brian’s cock as you sit on him. What do you expect when you squirm around on Brian’s lap?”
“Yes, Brian feel free to put your hands into Sissy’s panties. She likes that.  Oh you can tell that can you. Be careful though you will have her squirting into her panties in no time”.
“Look at these two giggling lovebirds, Jackie.  Sissy simply loves being played with, but I think it is nearly time for her first full cock don’t you think?  Oh yes, we have been doing cock training for weeks and she has been so receptive.”
“Stand up now Sissy.  Now curtsey to Brian and ask him to allow you to suck his cock.  That’s very good.”
“You see that Brian is opening his trousers for you.  So what are you waiting for Sissy? Down on your knees and take him in your mouth”.
“Oh Jackie I can see she is really enjoying this. The way she is bobbing up and down.  Sissy has such potential as a cock sucker.  I can see Brian is enjoying it as well.”
“In fact Brian is about to cum.  Now then Sissy please swallow all Brians cum.  Good Girl! What a performance!  Many congratulations Sissy, you certainly deserve the round of applause!”
“What’s that Sissy? Can Brian come over to play with you again?  Well I should think so.  Brian, are you free on Thursday?”

Show off

“It’s these skirts that you make me wear”, I complained.  “I only have to raise my leg a little bit and everyone can see my panties”.
Suzy’s reply was quick and to the point. “And why shouldn’t everyone see your panties.  They are such sweet, sissy panties. And you are such a sweet and adorable sissy.  I want to show you off sweetie.  Yes, all of you including your panties.”

Thursday, 13 September 2012

A friend round to play

My friend Frankie came round this afternoon to see how i was getting on.  I hadn't had all my operations yet.  Frankie  said not to worry if i couldn't cum any longer; i could always please my wife, Suzy in other ways. Frankie was such a comfort that i could kiss and hug him.  In fact i did and we ended up together in the spare room. i do love Frankie and hope he comes round to play more often.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Making myself presentable

I hope she hadn't seen.  She was always most particular that I should be 'presentable' at all times and if she had seen that one of my garter straps was loose there would have been hell to pay. 

Last time she had caught me with a run in one of my stockings, and my head is still ringing from her shouting. That evening she had made me stand in the corner of her bedroom as a punishment and watch while she and her new boyfriend, Neville, fucked. But when she saw that my little sissy clit stood on end and made a very unsightly bulge in my pretty pink sissy panties, she ordered me from the room. From then on she found the only way to punish me was a very aggressive spanking.

That was when she made me start wearing these very short skirts. At any time of day she was likely to bend me over and inspect my panties and stockings.  It wasn't as if I didn't like these inspections; in fact having her hand touching me on the bottom, or on the flesh between stocking tops and panties, gave me something of a thrill. It was the spankings that I could do without.

Monday, 20 August 2012

On holiday

I'm on holiday for the next few weeks so there won't be any posts here for a while.  See you all back bright eyed and bushy tailed in September.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I needed to cum so desperately. I would have done anything Sarah said as she expertly played with my cock bringing me to the point of explosion before calming it down again.  Her hand was inside my pink panties, which barely fitted around my bottom and straining cock.  Sarah was now whispering in my ear.  “Just tell me how much you like wearing my panties and bra and you can cum?  Just tell me how you want to wear them for me all the time?”
“Yes”, I almost shouted.
“Yes what?”
“Yes please Mistress Sarah. Please allow me to wear your panties and bras.  Pleeeaaasseeee Mistress”, and with that I exploded into the panties drenching them with cum.  Sarah smiled and leant over and patted me on the head.  “Good girl”.
I had known Sarah and Andrew for some time and had always suspected that Sarah fancied me.  So when she invited me over to help her clear out the garden shed at a time Andrew was particularly busy at work, I wasn’t too surprised when we ended up in her and Andrew’s bedroom kissing and groping one another. What was a surprise was how she began to masturbate me and while doing so persuaded me to wear little pink panties. 
That was a number of weeks ago now and we had descended into dress up sessions almost every day.  She would persuade me into all sorts of little bitty girly things; stockings and garters, bras, corsets, petticoats, and a selection of high heels, makeup, wigs, perfume, jewellery.  She insisted I had to go home wearing panties under my trousers, and although at first I thought it was a bit kinky, I now looked forward to our dress up sessions.
The surprising thing was that Sarah never let me penetrate her. She would slip her hand round my cock and help me to masturbate, and once or twice she made me crawl on the bed and lick her pussy, although this was always through her panties which she never took off.  But for me this seemed OK. I would have liked to fuck her, but anything she wanted was alright by me.  It was kind of exciting wearing her things and calling her Mistress.
It was while I was modelling a complete outfit for Sarah one afternoon, complete with pretty silk and lace panties and bra, little tennis skirt and crop top, with stay up white stockings and white heels, that I heard the front door open and close.  I froze. Andrew was home and here I was dressed up in women’s clothing in his bedroom with his wife.  Andrew came into the bedroom and stopped and smiled.  Sarah went to him and put her hands round his neck and kissed him.  “He is ready”, she said.   
I just stood there open mouthed and stared at them.  There was a sudden realisation that this had been pre-arranged.    “Come here sissy and say hello to your new Master”, said Sarah taking my hand and almost dragging me across the room.  I couldn’t look at him; with my face pointed downwards towards the floor I just mumbled “hello”.  Sarah then started to explain. I was barely listening or understanding what she was saying.  The little I could understand was that Sarah had never fancied me but Andrew had.  And if the photographs of the dress up session weren’t going to be released I was going to be Andrew’s girl for the night. 
I didn’t have much choice and Sarah gently but firmly pushed me down to my knees in front of Andrew.  She reached in and brought out from the trousers an enormous and erect cock.  “Take it sissy. Lick it. Taste it. You will like it”, said Sarah as it bobbed in front of me. It pushed against my lips. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend this wasn’t happening to me.  With no options available I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out rubbing it against the underside of his cock.  I heard a murmur of “Good girl” from Sarah, and I gradually ran my tongue over and up and down his cock.  “Now take it in your mouth”, and there I was suddenly with the tip of the cock in my mouth.  The next few minutes were a whirl as I began to take more and more into my mouth as the cock bobbed in and out, while Sarah continued to encourage and Andrew began to make mmmm sounds. He was clearly enjoying and soon enough I could feel his cock come to attention and his thick cum hit the back of my throat.
That night I lay in their bed facing Sarah who kissed my face and continued to tell me what a good girl I had been while Andrew lay sleeping behind me. I could still feel his cock pressed up against the crack in my bottom, pushing the silky material of my panties into my bum crack.  I’m not sure how I had got into this situation, but it seemed from what Sarah was saying that this wouldn’t be the last night that I would be coming round for a sleepover.

Monday, 13 August 2012

A choice of afternoon activity

“So sissy the choice is yours.  You can either fuck me like a real man this afternoon or you can choose to borrow my panties to wear instead.  Don’t you want to stick your boy bits in my pussy?”
I was confused.  It would be nice to make love to Sam, but I knew what a disappointment I had always been in bed.  Could I really face the humiliation that I would suffer when I couldn’t cum inside her or my little sissy clit dribbled before I had even started?
I looked at the panties she was holding out.  I knew they would be nice to wear as well.  They would feel so nice up against my sissy clit. Last time I had worn her panties Sam had praised me and told me how pretty I looked and had whispered what she would like to do with her little sissy’s ass. I first of all felt proud that Sam felt like that about me.  And she soon had me  cumming  in the panties like I had never cum before.
Slowly I reached out and took the panties.  Sam smiled to suggest that she knew all along what choice I was going to make.  I sheepishly stepped into them and drew them up my legs.

Sharing like sisters

I had never been much of a husband. After being married for 10 years there wasn’t much to talk about and we barely exchanged the time of day.  But once I had begun on my sissy journey we started to be more like close sisters than husband and wife.
It didn’t happen immediately.  I thought that Cheryl suggesting that I wear her panties in bed while making love was just a little something to spice up our dwindling love life. And it did.  Once I had moved onto the nighties and bras, and stockings, and petticoats our love life improved significantly, and soon we sharing a wardrobe.
I couldn’t wait to put her panties on or pick out a dress of an evening, and Cheryl was so helpful in advising on what to wear, helping me fix my makeup and how to behave and act like a woman.  This all excited me considerably, but what I hadn’t noticed was that myself and Cheryl began to be closer than we had been for years.
We used to go out together as a couple of girlfriends. Our conversation and activity seemed to revolve around shopping, fashion, gossip and most of all men.   It was often when we went out to lunch and began to get tipsy and began to giggle that we both started flirting outrageously with waiters and other men in the restaurant.  We were a couple of party girls that was for sure.
It was at a disco one night that Cheryl met Brad. Would I mind if she brought him home with us?  He was kind of cute and he kissed and used his wandering hands with both of us as we got a taxi home. 
The action started almost as soon as we were home and Cheryl was on her knees taking his not inconsiderable cock in her mouth. I’m not exactly what came over me, but soon I was kneeling next to her.  Cheryl didn’t seem to mind and nor did Brad. 
So there we were sharing like sisters. And since Brad has moved in we often dress in matching baby doll night gowns and join Brad in bed for as much sex as Brad can handle. On a sisterly sharing basis of course.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

'Boys' night out

 It was Samantha, my wife who had the idea of getting the 'boys' together again.  We had often had 'boys nights out' in the olden days, but since then - well lets just say things aren't quite like they were before. 

It was great getting together to chat and soon the sitting room was filled with girly laughter and chatter.  Bobby told us all about his shopping trips, and the new wardrobe that Cheryl had bought him.  In fact he modelled a couple of outfits for us. He was simply charming. 

The conversation was soon on clothes and boys and we were soon giggling as soon as Beth mentioned how big his wife's new boyfriend was in the cock department. He had us all in stitches with one story after another.

Then we were caught up with trying to comfort Pammy as he told us about his wife's boyfriends.  We had all experienced something of the same, but it seemed to affect poor Pammy more than the rest of us.  In fact Beth had to give Pammy a cuddle and after that I think it was more than a comfort he was giving him as they both started making out on the sofa.  Watching these two lovely sissys kissing and cuddling, and soon grabbing at each others bras and panties made quite a sight and made my pretty panties very damp indeed. 
I hope the 'boys' can come round again soon.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I need to be a sissy

I need to feel pretty
I need to feel feminine
I need to wear pretty pink panties
I need to wear stockings
I need to wear high heels
I need to wear the shortest skirts
I need to feel girly
I need to feel sexy
I need to look sexy
I need Master to want me
I need him to get hard looking at me
I need him to take me in his arms
I need him to give me his cock
I need him to cum over me
I need to be his sissy girl
Please Sir, make me your sissy girl.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A present

Sir has bought me a new dress and it is simply adorable

A sissy who can't wait

 My Mistress had always taught me how to satisfy Master and his men friends. She had taught me how to suck their cocks, and how to bring their cocks back to life again and again.  She had always taught me to wait for Master or his other men friends to initiate any contact. Like all sissys I should be obedient and submissive.

I guess I'm a very poor sissy, because sometimes I can't wait for Master or his men friends. Some times I just have to sit on their laps and kiss them before I have been given the command to do so.  I sometimes have to reach into their pants and feel their lovely cock before they are ready.  You see I can't always control myself and Mistress says that I am just a greedy sissy.  It is one of my worse faults.  But I do love the feel and smell of a man and it always makes my little sissy panties wet with the thought.   I just can't wait.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Daydreaming when I should be working

Master had been sitting in the kitchen just watching me as I cleaned. I could see him out of the corner of my eye – I wouldn’t dare look at him - sitting there in his dressing gown just watching me. He wasn’t reading the newspaper as he usually did.  He was just watching, sizing me up from head to foot. 
It was as I began to wash the floor that I noticed that his hand had moved down to the obvious bulge under his dressing gown. I was turning him on as I worked with my high heels, black stockings, and pale blue maids uniform. 
Then I began to have thoughts.  I wonder what his cock looks like?  I wonder what it feels like to take it in my hands and feel it hard and long?  What would it be like to kiss the top of it or to gradually take it in my mouth?  What would it feel like? It was enough to start me getting uncomfortable and moving in more regular movements with the mop to try and alleviate some of the discomfort as my sissy clit expanded into my pretty flowery panties.
It was hard to keep working. But I had to.  Then I began to imagine what it would be like if Master came behind me and rubbed his cock against my panties and then against my sissy clit.  In my imagination I was shouting; “Please Sir, take me, fill me, cum in my pussy.  Take me hard and cum on me Sir”.  My panties were full with a sissy clit which was so excited by these thoughts they made it almost impossible for me to continue with what I was doing.
It was as I had these thoughts I suddenly lifted my dress with the end of the mop handle and looked directly at Sir for the first time that morning. It was a look of lust, but more than that. It was a look of invitation which I had to hope Sir would take.  He could see my panties and what was going on in them and how much I wanted him then. I wanted him so much.

Friday, 27 July 2012

The matching panties game

I always look forward to the evenings when my wife suggests we play the matching panties game.  I used to complain when she would suggest we play, but the sex was so good when we both dressed in matching panties and bra sets that after a while I just accepted it as part of our normal routine.

It was kind of sweet cuddling up together with our little pink panties. The best part was always when she would put me on her knee and kiss me while playing with my little sissy clit.

Afterwards it was always so nice as we lay in bed together gently rubbing the front of each others panties.  Not only would we start the evening with matching panties but we would end it that way too. Both sets very wet.

What a wonderful feeling!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Masters sissy

Master is so powerful.  I love the feeling when he takes his little sissy in his arms and I feel so small and helpless.  He envelopes me in his arms and I know that this is now my whole existence.  Even just lying next to him, looking into his eyes and feeling his cock through his trousers, while he gently caresses my head barely recognising my presence as he watches football on the television is what I now live for.  He possesses my complete being.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The good sissy

 A good sissy must be able to keep a cleaner house than any ordinary housewife.......

....and must know how to keep their Master busy in the evenings.

No wonder good sissies are always so exhausted.

Panties and stockings for a sunshiny day

Friday, 20 July 2012

Bedtime cuddles

Susie always felt that we both needed to wear panties when we were having our bedtime cuddles.  She said she didn't like the feel of my boy bits flopping all over the place, and she wanted to feel the lovely smooth panties on her little sissy.  I really enjoyed the feel of the panties too so there were no complaints from me.

Sissy confusion

It was so confusing. I had always thought mens cummies were horrible, but now I didn’t know what to think.
Before this had all begun Susie used to laugh at me and my small man parts.  She would tease me and say things like “is it inside me yet?”, and “please put it inside me now dear”, when she knew very well that I had already entered her and I was doing my best to satisfy her.  When my little man dribble appeared she would laugh at me.  Often I would cry with frustration and Susie would laugh and hold me close and say “I’m sorry sweetie to laugh, but it really is only a dribble that comes out; not enough for a real woman I’m afraid. Why don’t we just cuddle?”  I had been so embarrassed about my man dribble then.
When Susie started dressing me in girly clothes I had several accidents when I made my panties very wet. Susie was kind to me and told me not to mind and that the pills she was giving me would take care of all that. But it was so embarrassing, particularly when in the company of Susie’s new men friends.  It was also more than that.  I didn’t want to cum any more with my little man parts.  Cum was horrid and yucky.
A little while after I was introduced to Susie’s friend Michael.  Susie said that she wanted me to suck on his man bits and to see if I could get him to give me his man goo.  That didn’t sound nice at all, but luckily Susie was there as well to help and tell me what to do.  I licked the end of his cock (as Susie told me to), and then put much of it in my mouth while tickling the underside of it with my tongue (once again as instructed).  Slowly I took him into my mouth and bobbed gently on his man bit.  It was soon that I felt it twitch and suddenly my mouth was awash with Michael’s cum.  It was too much and I suddenly had to pull out of his mouth as his cum squirted all over my nice new blouse. 
My first thought was how annoyed Susie would be with me. But not at all.  The comments were “good girl” and “good work sweetie”.  She was pleased with me, and told me so.  “To make Michael cum on your first try was more than we could have hoped for sweetie.  Can’t you see how much Michael enjoyed it?  Very well done”.  I glowed with pride, and was just glad that Susie hadn’t noticed how I had cum in my pretty pink panties. 
So I was meant to like mens cummies now?  It seemed as if it was now a good thing. I didn’t mind taking Michael’s thing in my mouth as much as I thought I might and the cummies weren’t too awful either. Susie promised I would get lots of practice from now on.  It was still very confusing for a little sissy like me.  Good job I have Susie to guide me.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Counting my sissy blessings

My wife Sarah always told me to count my sissy blessings and I often do.  After all I am a sissy with a lot to be grateful for.
I am really lucky to have a wife like Sarah, who has introduced me to being a sissy.  I didn’t even know I wanted to be a sissy until Sarah showed me by introducing me firstly to panties, then to bras, stockings, petticoats, lovely ribbons and bows, and lovely high heels.  All the yummy girly things that Sarah has bought me are hanging up in my room.  I am so grateful to her.
I also love my bedroom so much. It used to be the spare bedroom but Sarah had it completely redecorated and I simply love my walk in wardrobe, my pink curtains and carpet and the lovely large pink framed mirror where I can model my clothes.
Sarah also made me quit my job and stay at home and look after things, and I so enjoy this as well.  It really is so liberating to be able to look after Sarah and make sure everything at home is just right for her. I love it when she comes home and comments on how neat everything is, or how nice dinner is, or how pretty the dress I’m wearing is.  I honestly would do anything to please Sarah.
The injections, pills and operations weren’t something I looked forward to, but I’m so glad that Sarah insisted.  I love my new body, and I spend many hours in front of the mirror admiring myself and playing with my new breasts.  They are soooo sensitive and I just love the warm feeling inside when I tweak and kiss them. I am so lucky.
I am so lucky to be what Sarah calls “a blonde bimbo”.  Everyone seems to like me – at least the men all stare at me when I’m out – and people are always laughing when I talk to them.  I seem to cheer a lot of folks up which is a blessing to be thankful for.
I’m also so grateful to Sarah for showing me how to suck cock.  Sarah and her new friend Bruce have been showing me how to do this this week.  It seems Bruce likes to have his cock sucked every day and Sarah has shown me how to lick his cock and then take it into my mouth, and if I’m clever enough make Bruce release his sticky man goo.  Yesterday it felt so good that I’m afraid that I made a mess in my pretty lacy yellow panties. I was very embarrassed but Sarah said that I had done very well and that men would like me if I could do that to them.  I can’t wait until Bruce comes over again tonight.  I am one lucky sissy.

Dress up afternoon

All the housework and laundry done, no one at home and nothing to do.  An afternoon of dressing up with all the lovely girly things in my cupboards and wardrobes.  The only trouble is I can never keep my hands off myself on dress up afternoon.  I just have no will power.  But I do have such a lovely time.

Not wanting to look

I just didn’t know where to look.  There they were; my wife and her boyfriend kissing and cuddling on the bed.  Sarah had the pink night gown I had chosen for her on, while the matching panties had already been discarded to the floor beside the bed.   Nathan was completely naked and his enormous thick cock stood ram rod to attention.  It wasn’t just the length of the cock, but its girth and at first all I could do was stare at it. 
“Like what you see sweetie?” was Sarah’s question when she happened to look over to me standing in the corner of the bedroom. 
I must have looked as embarrassed and confused as I felt.  Embarrassed to be there at all watching my attractive wife be taken by this stud of a man.  But also embarrassed to be caught staring at Nathan’s cock.  And I was very confused by the fact that what Sarah called my ‘sissy clit’ was twitching in my panties and was so excited by the scene.  I immediately looked down to the floor and that was where my eyes stayed for the next 20 minutes as the tears silently rolled down my cheeks.  
I was conscious of their passionate and loud love making, but I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the floor.  I couldn’t look.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Time for bed

“Go on then, just put it on. No one will know. I know you want to”, said Anne my wife holding out a beautiful pink baby doll night gown. 
I’d had just about enough.  “No, I won’t wear it and you can’t make me”, I protested bitterly, trying to hold back the tears.  At that moment I was full of self-pity about the situation I had found myself in.
“So you won’t wear it? I suppose next you are going to tell me that you were forced to wear the lovely pink panties that go with this night gown when you went to work this morning?  That you didn’t want to wear them underneath your suit?”
It was true. I was wearing the panties and had been for several days.  But I hadn’t wanted to.  Anne had been working on me for weeks.  She wouldn’t let me touch her in bed without panties on, let alone have sex.  She said she hated the feel of my boy bits in bed rubbing against her and she would only allow us to cuddle if I started to wear her panties.  That was how it started.  It hadn’t been such a hardship as no one would know and the panties did feel wonderful against my skin.  I was soon used to wearing panties in bed.
It progressed to wearing panties at work under my suit after several weeks of her not allowing me to cum.  I wanted to so much and it had been so long since I had that it was so good whenever Anne put her hand round what she called my ‘sissy clit’ to help me to masturbate.  It wasn’t a dick at all it was so small she said and as for the pathetic dribble it produced, well it was hardly enough to satisfy a woman like her she used to tell me as she moved her hand up and down.  When the night before last she refused to masturbate me or let me masturbate myself, I was in tears and almost begging her to let me cum. It had been six long days since I had had any relief at all.   I don’t know how it happened, but within 15 minutes she had me begging to be allowed to wear panties to work and round the house.  It was then she had taken me over the edge as I screamed “please let me wear your lovely pink panties mummy”. 
It was so embarrassing to think of how it happened, and how when I got up and went to put some boxers on over the next few days she was there. “Haven’t you forgotten something sweetie”, she would say holding that days pink panties creation.
Now she wanted to have me wear a night dress as well.  I stood there and stared at her and pouted, although I must have looked a sight as I had already undressed and stood there with nothing but the pink panties on.  “I won’t do it and that is final”, I said angrily and at that point I burst into tears.
Anne came over and gave me a cuddle. “Oh you poor dear”, and pushed my head into her breasts, as she stoked and spoke soothingly to me as we both sat on the edge of the bed.  What she told me I thought was probably right.  I had enjoyed wearing the panties; she could see even then my little sissy clit poking over the elastic lining of the panties.  She was right that I hadn’t been forced and that I had enjoyed our cuddles together in bed.  And she said she would enjoy it more if I wore the night dress and that I would be more of an experience for her if she could give me a cuddle in the night dress.  Looking at it that way I supposed I could if I was doing it for her. 
When she put her hand round my sissy clit and told me that we could have a wonderful time if I wore the night dress, it was then I just held my arms out high and let her slip it over my head.  We were soon in bed together having a cuddle and in no time at all my cummies were filling the lovely pink panties.  It was wonderful.  It was where this would all lead that really worried me.