Monday, 30 January 2012

The soft touch of encouragement

Just the gentle touch of his hand on the back of my head was enough encouragement for me.  It wasn't the rough forcing of my mouth onto the cock that I had experienced with some of my early lessons.  This was a gentle caress, a sign of affection, a symbol that I had come so far and now needed to do this of my own free will.  And this was enough for me to realise that I did want to do this; to make Master happy, to satisfy him, and make him pleased with me.  I kissed the end of the cock and started.

Daily Chastisement

There was a very similar pattern to the end of each day now.  Master would come in and have a quick inspection of the house.  Invariably something would be picked up - something would be out of place - some task that his Emily would need to improve on. 
Today Master had only spanked me ten times, and although it brought tears to my eyes, as my bottom had still been sore from the day before, I was so pleased that I had clearly made improvements. 
The best part was afterwards when he would sit me on his lap and talk tenderly to me as he stroked and touched me.  I had taken to giggling and tilting my head onto his shoulder as he talked, feeling so safe and secure in his powerful arms.  ''You are doing so well my little Emily....I love to see how you improve each day...."  I almost glowed with pride; I did so want to please Master.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

ooooh...more pretty undies

I died and woke up in heaven

No worries

I used to worry about so many things.  Mostly about work.  Why everyone at work seemed to be under pressure and upset with me?  Why was my boss always getting at me.?  Could I keep the job and provide for my wife?  Why did I have to work so many hours that when I got home I was too tired and exhausted to do anything other than sleep?  Could I earn enough money to keep buying her the things she needed.  Would she keep loving me or would she leave?  I always seemed to be on the very edge.
Nowadays I still worry.  Will Jeff like me in the pink bra and panties set or the one with the little red heart motif and lace edging?  Would he be happy with the work I have done today or would he spank me?    Would he let me sit on his lap this evening and tell him about my day and laugh and giggle and make him hard?    Would he be interested in me enough for me to ride his cock, and afterwards ever so gently clean his spent cock with my golden hair?  Would he let me share his bed or would he banish me to my own pink palace room?  Or would he bring his friends round to see me this evening and would he let me suck their cocks?- oh I do hope so.
Life is so full of worry.

Come over here and wear these

Friday, 27 January 2012


As I busied myself doing the housework I began to take stock.   Dropping the vacuum in the hall I paused in front of the mirror.   Just a few months earlier I wouldn’t have believed that I could look like this; the black stockings and suspenders and black high heels, the short maids outfit with the lace trim that hid nothing at all.  But most of all the breasts that were now too big to be hidden inside the maids costume.  I was so proud of them.
I hadn’t wanted it this way; it was Julia who wanted me to look like this.   And I couldn’t complain after all she had been so lovely and caring with me after I stopped being able to satisfy her in bed.  I had never been big in that department, but it was pretty awful for Julia to have that little penis inside her with the little dribble that came from it.  I could tell she wanted more and she was always so understanding, and held me tight until I stopped sobbing.
It was her idea to make me more helpful around the house, and after a little while suggested the hormones.  I could hardly refuse after all her kindness and the way she brought me pretty panties and bras, camisoles, petticoats, dresses and shoes – oh what marvels!  I just had to hug myself when thinking about it.
I don’t know whether it was the hormones, but I had had lots of crying fits over the last few months which can’t have been any fun for Julia.  She had been so patient and kind making it much more bearable with her hugs and kisses.   I don’t know how she could stand having me in the house; she was so wonderful.
It was partly her kindness that allowed me to better understand her relationship with Keith.    When she told me she had been sleeping with Keith I had been so upset.  But as she pointed out I couldn’t possibly satisfy her with my little wee-wee and Keith was a proper man with a cock to match.  She described how it felt for her and gradually I became so pleased for her in a way – that she had found someone to satisfy her at last -, although even thinking about it now I began to get tearful about it.
When she had brought Keith home the first time I had peaked through the crack in our bedroom door.  Keith was doing all sorts of wonderful things to Julia; I could hear her moaning and crying out in a way that she never had when I was with her.  As she orgasmed I could hear her shouting; “Yes, yes, fuck me Keith, take me…..”.  The look of pure contentment on her face afterwards made me pleased for her, but I still crept away and sobbed myself to sleep in the spare bedroom.
That had been a week ago.  Now she wanted me to clean the house and prepare and serve the food for Keith and herself this evening.   Julia had given me strict instructions on how to answer the door (“ …please curtsey and say welcome Master Keith….”) and what to do and how to behave.  After dinner I was to curtsey to Master Keith and say to him; “Master Keith, would you please take my wife and satisfy her needs”.
I don’t know how I was feeling about all this.  Last week I think I would have been upset about it, but that wasn’t how I was feeling at all.  In fact I was excited.   Definitely.  Because what I had seen of Keith through the bedroom door, (and I had seen quite a lot) he had a fantastic body and huge cock.  In fact he was rather rugged and handsome.  Every night I had held my little girl wee-wee and thought about everything I had seen that night and every night made wet patches in my darling panties.  The last few nights I hadn’t been thinking about how Julia looked, but I had been thinking of Keith and his enormous cock. 
It was the thought of meeting Keith that was getting me excited.  Would he notice me?  Would he like what he saw?  Would he like my breasts?  Maybe Julia would let him touch them?  Perhaps he would hold me?  Perhaps Julia would let me watch or even join in?
But most of all the question that came into my mind the most was how was I going to get through the day until he arrived.  This was the third pair of panties today.

What lovely undies

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Melting into his arms.....

Weird pickup

It wasn’t as if I had had any success with women.    I had always been awkward round them and I guess that made them nervous about me.  This is why when she picked me up in the bar it was such a shock.  She was blond and attractive and I couldn’t understand why she hit on me.
 I was trying to work it out driving back in the car to her place.  We had only been talking for about 10 minutes – the usual get to know me stuff – when she came out and asked me to come back to her flat.   I stammered something she took to be yes and we were on our way.
Looking at her while she drove me home in her car I still couldn’t work it out.  Why me?  She had medium length blond hair tied up at the back with just a few wisps hanging down.  Her bright red lipstick, her dark two piece work outfit, white blouse and stockinged legs and heels told me that this was a woman guys like me only dream about.
If she was quick off the mark in the bar she was intent on making things go just as quick when we got to her flat.  Taking me by the hand through the door – I must have looked nervous – she led me to a lounge area.  Throwing her work jacket to one side and unbuttoning a couple of buttons on her blouse I could just see the lacy cream of her bra.  “Come and sit down”,  as she grabbed my wrist and fairly pulled me down.  She was seated at the back of the sofa and she seemed to have pulled me so that I was seated with my back to her and facing the other way.  It wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be, but I didn’t seem to have much choice about it.  
Suddenly with her arms around me she undid the tops of my trousers and pulled out my cock.  It was immediately hard and just the sight of her red painted finger nails around the tip of it was enough for it to grow even bigger.
The she started whispering to me in my ear.  Things about whether I like women, whether I like to make them wet – all sorts of things.  As she whispered she took my hand and began to guide it up and down my cock until I wasn’t sure whether it was me masturbating or her bringing me off.   She began to breath more deeply and continued to whisper into my ear  “….do you like to see women wet……their panties dripping……wanting you inside them ….possessing them……”, and I felt myself coming to a climax, when suddenly she slowed my hand on my cock.  “Easy boy, not just yet”, she whispered.
I wasn’t conscious of anything but leaning back into her body and the smell of her perfume as I pressed back into her breasts.  It was frustrating that I couldn’t see her and even more frustrating that she had now moved my hand away from my cock.  It was still hard as anything, but the moment where it might have been the end of the evening had passed . 
As if from nowhere she reached round me and put a pair of panties in my hand.  Lacy and cream and matching the bra that had peeked between the opening of the blouse she guided my hand holding the pair of panties back to my cock and slowly began guiding it up and down.  The reverse of the panties were silky in texture and the effect on my cock was electric.  Then she started whispering into my ear again but this time what she said was totally different.    
“Do you like women’s panties? you like to wear them? you like to feel stockings on those legs?” .  My eyes just got wider, but I couldn’t  say anything but just moaned.  My cock gave the game away because as the panties went up and down it got larger and my breathing got more sparse as I got nearer to cumming.   Then she started with things like “…will you be my little girl…will you come and be my little girly play thing….will you be my girlfriend……”, again all I could do was moan.    Realising I wasn’t responding she suddenly guided my pantied hand away from my cock.  “Answer me girlfriend….”. 
This couldn’t be happening I needed to explode, I needed those panties back round my cock.  “Please….please Sarah…….”
“Will you be my little girl?” 
“Yes,  YES”, I shouted.
“Yes, What?”
And back came her controlling hand to wrap the silk panties round my cock and start moving them up and down again.
She was now asking me all sorts of things and knowing what would happen if I said no I said Yes to everything.
“Are you going to wear some sweet panties and bras, and camisoles and petticoats for me?”  “YES”.
“Are you going to be my sweet little clit licker?”  “YES…..YES….”
Her hand, my hand and the panties were now moving up and down my cock at a frantic pace.
“And when my boyfriend comes round are you going to help me suck his cock? … and me together girlfriend with one enormous cock….”
Hardly knowing what I was saying I was now shouting “ ….YES….YES….” and at that moment I came like I never had before, electricity passing through my body and thick globs from my cock. She moved the panties to expertly catch all that I had and at the same time she held my head and cooed into my ear;  “that’s it little girl, well done my lovely,  come for me girlfriend….give me all you have…”.
Before I knew it I was standing outside her door, still with the soaking wet panties in my hand, her departing words still running round my head.  “Wash them for me and come back next Tuesday…and make sure you are wearing them”.  
Would I come back next Tuesday?  Oh boy yes.

Only one person in control here

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Joe's diary

Thursday 25th April
I moved into Jeff’s flat yesterday. I must say that it was good of Jeff to let me have his spare room.  I was really at a loss as to what to do after losing my job and not being able to make the mortgage payments on my old place.  It really was good of him to let me stay.  He helped me with my stuff ,  clearing out the old place and getting everything that wouldn’t fit into storage into his garage.   I’m not sure what was with the coffee he brought me every hour – tasted a bit odd as well - but he is a real pal.   I’m not sure the dรฉcor of the room is exactly to my taste; there were the pink duvet and curtains, and when I looked in the wardrobe there were a lot of women’s clothes; dresses, shoes by the hundred, and in the draws panties, bras, garters, the whole works.  Jeff just said that it was ex-girlfriend trouble and that he would help me move it all in the morning.  I must say I’m absolutely done in so the morning sounds like a good idea.
Friday 26th April
When I woke up this morning I felt awful.  My head throbbed and I felt washed out.  Jeff knocked at the door and offered to bring me coffee and breakfast in bed.  In fact I stayed in bed most of the day, with Jeff popping in every so often with another coffee. Not sure why the regular coffee, but I was beginning to get a taste for it.   About mid-afternoon I did manage to get out of bed and make it to the kitchen.  Couldn’t find any of my things, but there was a ladies robe hooked on the back of the door.  Jeff wasn’t in so I reckoned it would make no difference and managed to make it to the kitchen to make myself some lunch without too much bother.
Saturday 27th April
I seem to be worse than ever.  I can’t account for much of the day as I seemed to have been out for the count.  I remember Jeff came to see how I was at one point and he said he would phone the doctor.   I must have been out until much later in the day because I came round to see Jeff giving me an injection.  He said that the doctor had asked him to give me this and let me sleep.  He really is a good friend to me.
Sunday 28th April
I woke feeling much better.  In fact I managed to get up and get dressed, throwing on a pair of panties and a bra – I suppose I should have noticed before how big my chest had been getting - and the lovely robe from the back of the door.   I hadn’t noticed just how lovely it was yesterday; it was peach colour with lace trim which was truly beautiful.  In the kitchen I remember sitting down and talking to Jeff, but for some strange reason I can’t remember anything else until later in the afternoon. I found myself curled up on the sofa with my legs up and with my shoulder  against jeff. He had his arm around me gently stroking my face.  I remember him asking me to get him a beer and I got up to go the fridge and he patted me on the bottom as I went.  It felt kind of weird, but I think I liked it.  A kind of glow came over me.  Can’t remember very much else about the day after that.  I remember Jeff gave me another injection before bedtime but it seems strange that I can’t remember anything else.  I must be sick.

Monday 29th April
Got up this morning and had a good look through my panties and bra drawer, trying to work out what Jeff would like to see me wearing.    I wanted to look my best for Jeff for some reason,  although I can’t seem to think why.  It must be because he has been so good to me during my illness.  First panties and bra; I chose a set that were red with a little black polka dot motif and black lace trim with the most adorable little bow.  Gorgeous.   I tried a very lacy black garter and some black stockings and then chose the shortest school girl type wrap around skirt and crop top.  It didn’t cover very much up, but with such beautiful undies, why would I want to cover them up?  I found some red shoes in the wardrobe which went very well.  I raced down to the kitchen so I could get Jeff’s breakfast ready while he was still asleep.  
Jeff was so helpful today showing me where the laundry room was and how the vacuum worked, and where all the dishes went.  I spent the entire day making the flat as clean and tidy for Jeff when he got home from work. 
After Jeff gave me my evening injection I must have blacked out again because when I came too I was kneeling in front of Jeff looking at his enormous cock.  All he was saying was “take it Josie”.  Suddenly I felt so confused, but I remember being so flattered that Jeff should have such an erection for me.  I must have turned him on.  I felt confused, but I suddenly leant forward and ran my tongue from the tip of the cock all the way down its length.  Jeff was encouraging me with ‘good girl’ and asking me to take it into my mouth.  So I did.  First I took the very tip and then slowly moved my mouth down its length.  I couldn’t get it all in, but slowly I began to bob up and down.  Jeff was moaning and getting more excited and was using his hand to push me down onto the cock.  I was using my tongue under the tip of the cock and suddenly I felt Jeff stiffen.  I could feel the cum in my mouth running down my throat so much of it that I had to remove my mouth.  A dribble of cum ran down my chin.  I looked at Jeff and a mixture of feelings swept over me; pride I guess was first.  I felt proud that I had made him cum and he so obviously loved what I did.  And then I felt dirty.  I began to cry and suddenly got off my knees and rushed out of the room throwing myself onto my bed and sobbing.
Jeff came into my room later on and after giving me my injection sat on the side of my bed and put his arm round me.  He was very kind and explained that he was sorry I felt bad about earlier and that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.   He was very kind and gently stoked my shoulder and then reached down under the pale baby-doll nightdress I was wearing to gently stroke one of my breasts as he whispered into my ear.
Tuesday 30th April
I woke up feeling so ashamed of how I had acted the night before.  How could I have been so ungrateful to Jeff after all he had done for me.  I also had had some strange dreams and for some reason I could only think of Jeff’s cock and had got quite excited.  In fact I felt the wet patch in my panties and went and changed into a fresh pair – pink – right away.  I bounced out of bed putting my robe on and went to get Jeff’s breakfast.  Knocking on the door I took the tray in and put it by the bed and as he wasn’t yet awake lay across the top of the covers next to him.  He opened his eyes   and stared into mine.  “I’m sorry” I said and kissed him deeply.  As he kissed me I could feel his hand move round to my pantied bottom beginning to feel me.  He was getting me so aroused; it was so wonderful being close to him feeling his strength and his manly smell.  In fact I needed his cock then and there and put my hand inside the covers to feel for it.  It was wonderful and already engorged.   Suddenly Jeff moved my hand away and sat up.  “Are you sure”, he said.  “Yes……..” I said in a very small voice from within me “ ……..please….please”.  It was as if I was begging for it; I was begging for it because at that moment it was something I needed more than anything else in my life.  Throwing back the covers I went to work on the cock feeling it with my hand up and down the shaft, feeling its length and girth; then gently as before using the tongue up and down before taking the head.  But now I couldn’t hold myself back any longer I was a woman possessed sucking the full length of the cock.  I could feel him about to cum and this time I kept the cock in my mouth and swallowed it all. 
Looking up into Jeff’s eyes, this time instead of crying I smiled at him and simply said “thank you”.  And I meant it.  I was so lucky that I was Jeff’s girl.  He was there to look after me, and I could keep house for him and satisfy him in bed.  I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a man like Jeff and I intend to showing him every way I can think of.  I kissed him and settled into his arms.

How I love to dress.....

It was this big.....!

I just had to stand there in the corner and listen.  "It was so small and pathetic", she was telling them, and when he came it was this little dribble".  She had made me dress in the pink maids costume and stand in the corner with my hands behind my back and my head bowed, even standing still I was swaying ever so gently as I got used to standing in the high heels.  As they laughed I gently sobbed - how had it all come to this?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Becoming a Woman

The front door banged shut behind me.  “Is that you honey”, came the sound of my wife, Suzy, calling from upstairs. I froze as her feet came down the stairs.  “Look at you hun; you look a proper state”. It was certainly true that I looked more than a little dishevelled.  I had left the house this morning with my beautiful hair tied up neatly with clips, a tight blouse stretching over my new breasts, that incidentally I was very proud of, and a short pencil line skirt, black stockings and modestly high heels.  I looked the perfect secretary for her first day at work.

This evening my hair hung down at a peculiar angle, my blouse had two of the top buttons missing and a ladder ran down my tights from knee to heel.  “Whatever have you been doing to look like this” said Suzy.  For a moment I tried to think.  Thinking had been so difficult recently; it must be the hormones. It was obvious from the look of confusion that went across my face that I didn’t know how to explain then and there, and I could feel a tear forming in my eyes.  “Oh my poor dear” said Suzy coming closer and drawing my head to her ample bosom.  I could smell her marvellous perfume and feel the smoothness of her blouse, and the comforting arms around me.  “Don’t tell me now dear, go and get changed. We’ll have a cuddle and you can tell me all about it. And I have bought you a little something; it’s in the bedroom and its in pink!”  My eyes glowed at the thought; it had to be something to wear and in my favourite colour. Suzy had been treating me regularly with new things; panties, bras, camisoles, slips, teddies, little negligees; I had come to love them all and considerably cheered I fairly skipped down the hallway to the bedroom.  There lying on the bed was a beautiful baby doll nightie with matching panties; pink with a small rose motif.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  Within ten minutes I had showered, fixed my makeup, and was modelling the new outfit for Suzy while she reclined on the bed. 

She could see I was a little more relaxed and she patted the space next to her and commanded more than anything else; “now then hun come and cuddle up and tell me all about your day”.  I hesitated, but there was no escape.  I climbed on the bed and she put her arm around me and pulled me in closer. “Tell me all about it”she cooed.   

“Well….”, I started hesitantly.  “I got to the office just before 9 and one of the other secretaries, Michele, was there to show me around. She was ever so kind to me all day and she had this fantastic skirt that she had bought from Debenhams in the Mall…it was straight at the top and then flared out nicely….it was so cute and I must get one.”  Suzy could tell I was deviating from the subject.  “Anyway she showed me what I had to do and which partners I had to take work from and where they left it.”  I hesitated once more before going on, but I knew Suzy wasn’t going to let me get away with not telling her everything that happened.  “She also told me that I should beware of a partner called Steve Daly, who would try it on with me”.  “Anyway this Steve came into the office just after lunch and stared at me before going back into his office.  He then buzzed through to Michele to ask if I would go through to his office. Michele told me to go through but not to take any nonsense.”

“I went into his office and he was standing fairly near to the door.  As I came in he reached out his hand – I thought he was going to shake hands – but he grabbed my wrist and before I knew it he had sat down on a nearby chair and had pulled me onto his lap”.

Once more I hesitated. This was where I either told Suzy everything or had to think quickly to make up a story.  How could I confess?  “….I didn’t want to…..”, I began. “…he was so strong….”.  “Just tell me”, said Suzy soothingly. 

“He kissed me” I blurted out. It was a start and a description of what started it. But how was I tell her that when he kissed me the initial feeling of revulsion gave way to a much nicer sensation and that within seconds I was kissing him back?  How to tell her that his hand ran its way up my leg and under my skirt to the top of my stocking, - and that I liked it.  How could I tell her that I could feel his interest underneath me as his throbbing tool suddenly expanded as I squirmed on his lap.  And I loved the feeling. 

By this time I seemed to be hanging on with both hands round his neck and exploring the inside of his mouth with my tongue.   How could I tell her that while doing this his other hand reached inside my blouse and was working my nipple free from inside the bra on one side and then the other.  Oh the feeling as he caressed each of my breasts with his fingertips.

I was beginning to get breathless beginning to remember all this.  I was very incoherent in my description to Suzy  “….he felt my leg…..up to my panties……” , but it was so difficult while trying to  remember what had happened.  

I remembered how he had worked his not inconsiderable cock from his trousers and after playing with my breasts and a hand roaming over my little pink panties had made a really big mess at the top of my stockings.   I shifted from side to side on his tool mostly in trying to prolong the feeling in my now sopping wet panties, not wanting to admit even to myself how proud I was that he had shot his load for me.   “…He made a mess…..” I managed to at last blurt out breathlessly.

I’m not sure I needed to say anything else to Suzy.  She could feel the excitement in my body as I remembered and had slipped her hand into my panties and felt my redundant sissy cock grow as large as it had ever done – at least since Suzy had started my hormone treatment. It even made a little wet patch on the front of my lovely new panties.

“You enjoyed it”, Suzy said as statement of fact rather than a question.  I nodded my head rather sadly.  

“That’s wonderful honey. I’m so pleased for you.”  I was quite stunned by this and didn’t know quite what to say.  “You don’t mind….?” I said in a half whisper. 

“Of course not my funny little one.  I am pleased you are a woman at last.   I turned to Suzy and kissed her with passion.  How lucky I was to have a wonderful wife like Suzy.  And how I was looking forward to work tomorrow.

Helping Madam to dress

Why won't he come home

It seemed like ages since he went to work.  I had done the laundry, run the vacuum round and done the shopping and it was still hours until he was due home.  I'd played dress up wondering which outfit would get him most excited.  The red panties and bra set peeking over the white blouse, with a thin pencil skirt.  Or the pink dress, with lacy pink underwear and a beautiful white petticoat that splayed the dress out beautifully.  I couldn't decide, but spent ages doing my hair just the way he liked it and experimenting with makeup.  I was getting more and more impatient; why couldn't he come home now?  I heard the key in the lock.  At last!   I ran down to the door and launched myself at him, sinking into his powerful arms.  Please don't go to work tomorrow. 

Welcome to my blog

This is the first time I've done anything like this so please be gentle with me boys and girls!