Tuesday, 27 March 2012

And so to bed......what to wear this evening?


Missy's lessons

It sort of came tumbling out when I was at a particularly vulnerable time.  One moment I was curtseying to Sarah, my wife, and doing my usual, "Yes, Ma'am", "No Ma'am", routine, and the next I was sitting on her lap in tears telling her how worried I was, and how I didn't think I could do it.  "Don't be so silly Missy, you will love it once you get used to it.  And I will show you what to do. Now don't worry about it at all - and dry those tears". 
It was so nice of Sarah to be so understanding because although Frank, her boyfriend, had moved in with us several months beforehand, when she told me what she required me to do that evening, well it was kind of shattering.  I knew he had a large cock - after all Sarah had asked me to watch the two of them in bed often enough - but it was the first time that I was required to join in. 
When it came to it Sarah was such a help.  She knelt down with me, and told me exactly what to do.  "Always look up at your man, Missy and look him in the eye.  Show him you are enjoying it".  It was helpful tips like that that really got me through it.  Frank seemed to enjoy it too, as it didn't take him long to shoot a large amount of cum.  "Quickly Missy catch it in your mouth", Sarah said and I did.
It was soon over and I was so grateful to Sarah for being there for me.  I guess I'm just one lucky Sissy.

...and sometimes she prefers to entertain alone

Sometimes Madam requires me to watch....

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Come here and put these on....NOW!

Going out

It had been the first time I had been outside the house since the whole transformation business had started some five months beforehand.  Susan had suddenly commanded, "come on we are going shopping".  

I was shocked.  "I can't do that.....everyone will stare....oh Susan please don't make me".

"Don't be silly, my little Sissy.  Just put your coat on and no-one will notice anything".

I slipped on the coat she was holding out for me; a beautiful soft white creation, warm enough to ward off the bitter Autumn chill, with a black silky frill round the bottom.  It was lovely and I twirled round and round admiring myself.

"So people won't notice that I am dressed as a woman?", I said rather confusedly.

"Oh you are a feather brain these days, Missy.  Look at yourself in the mirror; you are a woman Missy.  It is that people won't notice you are a man.  Now come and let me put this hat on you".

Master's roving hands

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Not fair

It wasn’t fair.  50 strokes of the cane from Madam and it wasn’t even my fault.  I can’t deny it wasn’t nice, but it wasn’t me who started it. 
It was Master who approached me while I was doing the dishes after dinner.  The first I knew was when he put his arm round my middle and nestled in close behind me.  I could feel his breath on the side of my head.  “Don’t turn round”, he whispered. 
It was certainly nice being cuddled in such a manner, and I could feel his hand reaching under my dress and slowly kneading my pantied bottom.  Suddenly it wasn’t his hand there at all, but something else.  It was his cock gently gliding up between my bum cheeks pushing my panties up between my bottom. The feel of Master’s cock made me wide eyed; it was a beautiful feeling and I couldn’t help leaning back into him and emitting a gentle moan. 
Masters hands were feeling the front of my blouse, feeling for the buttons and a way in to feel my breasts.  I was lost in another world as he continued to rub his cock up against me.  It was a magical feeling.  It didn’t take long for Master to cum.  It was mostly onto my panties, and some dripped down onto my stocking tops.  He wiped his cock on my panties and then was gone.
It was Madam who came in shortly afterwards who noticed the cum on my stockings and my dishevelled appearance.  And that was how I came to be spread-eagled over the desk in the Living Room, about to accept 50 strokes of the cane, while Master sat nearby and smirked.  It just wasn’t fair.

Isn't pink adorable? part two

Isn't pink adorable? part one

Friday, 16 March 2012

Madam's tea party

“Now then sweety do come in and show everyone your adorable dress”.
“Don’t just linger by the doorway, come right into the middle of the room.  None of these ladies bite, although you do look good enough to eat”.
“Just a few friends, Missy.  You remember Jacky from down the street, and Sarah and Josie, and you must remember your secretary, Samantha.  She certainly remembers you, although you should know Sam dear, that Harry now only responds to the name ‘Missy’”
“Now curtsey to the ladies Missy.  Very good girl.”
“He does look so cute in the maids dress don’t you think ladies?  I got it especially for him and Missy simply loves the splayed petticoat underneath.  Yes, it does show off his wonderful ruffled panties so nicely”.
“Turn round Missy and show the ladies your panties.  That’s right just turn around and bend over so the ladies can see.  Further please Missy…..now hold there”.
“Yes, the whole thing really suits him.  He loves the pink ribbons in his hair and the pink stockings with the bows on the seams.  He just can’t wait to get dressed these days”.
“It wasn’t always that way ladies I can tell you.  What a trial he was at the beginning. Tears and tantrums.  I’m so glad he has overcome those nasty hissy fits”.
“You may stand up now Missy.  Perhaps you can hold your dress up at the front so the ladies can see the lovely detail on the front of your panties, and the simply divine garter belt”.  
“Yes, he does look so pretty.  And yes we have allowed him to keep his male accoutrements; we like to call it his sissy clit, don’t we Missy?”.
“Yes, ladies he does seem to be a bit excited at the moment.  I think he loves showing off.”
“As you can see ladies he was never very big in that department.  That was part of the reason I had Frank move in with us. He never had any trouble in that department and he is a real man and knows how to treat a lady doesn’t he Missy?”.
“I didn’t hear you Missy.  Was that Yes, Ma’am?  Well say it louder so everyone can hear.  That’s better.”
“Missy doesn’t mind when I am in the bedroom with Frank.  In fact he watches.  After all he is incapable of doing what Frank does for me so I don’t see why he should ever get upset about it.  In fact confidentially ladies I think he is fascinated by Frank’s cock.  He stands there and stares at it with his mouth open!”
“Missy, would you PLEASE stop squirming.  Just stand still for the ladies.  Yes, continue to hold your dress up so we can see your panties.  You do look so cute like that”.
“Missy is becoming a very accomplished clit licker. He does enjoy getting down there after Frank has given me a good seeing to.  I think he quite enjoys the taste.  I think it is a good introduction before I get him into sucking Frank’s cock”.
“Missy I am NOT going to tell you again. PLEASE stand still rather than squirming around.”
What’s that Jacky?  Well I hadn’t considered loaning him out.  He is very good around the house and doing chores, but you might enjoy his tongue talents as much as I do.   Perhaps we will have to arrange something”.
“Oh, my goodness me!  Missy, you naughty girl.  You have cum in your panties.  Look at that wet patch.”
Please control yourself ladies; laughing will only encourage him. He is still something of an embarrassment. “
“Please leave us Missy, and go and change those panties.  And I will deal with you later.”

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dressed for a date

"Don't be silly my little sissy.  This isn't for you.  This is for Bruce and he'll be here in a moment.  Bruce is a proper man, not a little girly sissy like you.  Now run along and change those panties dear.  I can see a wet patch from here."

Monday, 5 March 2012

Special treat for being soooooo good

Naked punishment

It was Madam's idea to punish me by not allowing me any clothes for the enire day.  She had caught me at her bedroom door staring at Master getting dressed with my hand up underneath my skirt and inside my panties. I was in quite an excited state and hadn't noticed for some minutes Madam standing behind me watching me.  "Enjoying yourself slut", she announced herself.  I shot round and was open mouthed at being caught. 

Punishment was twofold. Obviously first of all a good spanking while over Sir's lap. Madam always said that it was better if Sir was to give out the spankings as he had a firmer hand.  I think it was also because he enjoyed it more; I could always feel his cock awakening as I draped myself over his lap. 

Secondly I had to go the whole day without clothes. Madam allowed me my maids apron and hat, and some heels, but nothing else.  It was a real hardship for me; I really missed my panties and other satin and lacy bits and pieces that I had got so used to wearing.  I had to do all my jobs really thoroughly as every room I went into Master would be there checking up on me.  He made me blush all over.