Thursday, 31 May 2012

An outfit for a Sissy

"Don't you worry your head about anything sweetie", my wife told me.  I have the perfect outfit for you.  "Now don't look like that; it is the most adorable dress for a sissy like you".  "Now run along and put it on; quick as you can please."

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Another punishment

I had been caught yet again.  Angela just walked in and found me with wet panties.  I knew what was coming and I begged her not to punish me.  I couldn't take another spanking, at least not with Gary watching.  It was so humiliating having to take my panties down and bend over Angela's lap while he watched.  Particularly as he was the cause of it as I had been daydreaming about him.  I just couldn't get him out of my mind.

Ready for bed

I always look forward to bed time.  There are always such wonderful things to wear.

My first time with Gary

I think he caught a look of fear in my eyes, because he paused.  Here I was lying on the bed looking at him in all his glory, strong muscular and bare upper body, with the biggest cock sticking out at right angles and aimed straight at me.  I was dressed to thrill.  Angela had helped me earlier in the afternoon, preparing me in a feminine sweetness of pink; pink panties with ruffles and pink ribbons on the side for quick release, a matching pink bra, pink stockings and pink garter, a little furry pink cardigan and two very sweet pink ribbons in my hair.  I felt so weak and helpless when he first kissed me, enveloping me into his arms, and with a squeal lifted me off my feet kissed me and almost carried me to the bedroom.  But now looking at his cock I was afraid and it showed.
Thank goodness Angela was still there.  Kneeling down beside the bed she began to caress my face and whisper encouragement.  “Sweetie can’t you see that Gary wants you.  Look how excited he is and it was you who turned him on like that.   Doesn’t that make you proud”.  Actually it did seeing him get excited for me.  “”I know you have been dreaming about this moment and looking forward to it – you have haven’t you sweetie?”  It was true.  I had been having ‘dreams’ about Gary all week, mostly involving bringing myself off in my panties at just the thought of this evening.  I nodded and smiled.  “Now little one, show Gary you want him”.
I smiled up at Gary and undid one of the pink ribbons attached to my panties and peeled back my panties.  Gary smiled back lifted up my legs positioned himself and as I began to feel his cock press on my sissy cunt and sissy boy opening, Angela leant over and kissed me.  I was lost in the moment, one that I would remember and relive in my imagination for many years to come.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Dress up

I just can't understand why I just can't keep my hands off myself.  This afternoon has been spent like other afternoons; just trying on one sexy outfit after another.  And once in one I have to feel myself all over, rubbing the silk and satins over my body and reaching for my sissy clit.  I would do this all day if the mornings weren't spent washing out the previous afternoons panties.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A sissy's work is never done

Inspection time

First panties

"Take them and put them on", she said.  Did I want to?  Knowing where it might lead.  To be my wife's sissy slave.  To serve her as her sissy slave.  To be there when she brought her boyfriend home.  This is what she was asking me.  I took them quickly and drew them up my legs.  I was lost.