Thursday, 28 June 2012

What a wonderful sissy look

The interview panel

I tried to explain to the girl at the door that it had all been a horrible mistake, but she had insisted.  I was bundled into the changing room by two young attractive giggling girls who wasted no time in getting my clothes off and dressing me in pink ruffled panties, pink suspender and pink stockings, and a pink maids dress.  Pink stiletto heels finished up the ensemble.  I had protested of course, but they just said not to be silly and it was just nerves.    I’m not sure how it all happened, but I was soon bundled through a pair of doors and my eyes opened wide at the sight of the interview panel.
I tried telling them this was a mistake and I didn’t want to be dressed like this.  The woman in the middle in the pink basque seemed to be in charge; “you read the job advertisement?”  Yes I admitted I had.  “And it said domestic staff wanted and uniform provided?” Yes, I admitted I had read that.  “You also realise this is a live in position?” Yes, I had to admit that was in the job advertisement as well.  “If you didn’t like the uniform why did you dress in it?” There I was a little stumped.  The girls had been insistent, but that seemed a pretty weak explanation – at least now it did.   The three women could see my hesitation and each gave a little smile.
Then the questions came thick and fast.  Had I always been so pliable?  Thinking about it I had never been assertive and I said so.  Was I obedient?  Yes, I always seemed to do as I was told.  Was I a quick learner?  Was I clean and tidy?  Could I handle the housework?  Would I be able to take orders from three women?  Would I be able to be instantly obedient and perform any services requested of me?  Yes, I said I could do all that and more, and at last they stopped firing questions at me.
They looked at one another, quickly whispered in each others ears and then the verdict was pronounced.  “Well you look presentable enough, and you seem to have a sissy side to you and can probably be trained.  We will give you a three month trial.  See Suzy outside and she’ll show you where to go”.  I wasn’t sure about any of this and I looked it.  “Thank you”, was all I managed, and turned to go.  I was pulled up short; “curtsey please”.  I turned round and gave a quick bob down and then turned and retreated from the room.  What had I let myself in for?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sir's pleasure

It was always so difficult clearing up when Sir was around.  He would keep on lifting my skirt and feeling my panties.  Sometimes he would pull me onto his lap and whisper dirty things in my ear and play with my little sissy breasts until I started to giggle and squirm until I could feel his cock grow underneath me.  He would feel the front of my panties and I would begin to moan.  Invariably Madam would come in at that time and he would send me on my way with a quick slap on the back side.  "Good girl" , he would say.  I was always red with embarrassment when this happened, but the really worrying thing was that my little sissy clit would stand up.  I would always think of Sir when in bed and think about the cock that I could feel underneath me but not feel or touch.  Just thinking about it made my sissy clit leak in my pretty pink panties.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sissy rules

A sissy must wear as many lovely pink girly things as possible
A sissy must love her panties, bras, stockings, high heels and dresses given to her by Mistress
A sissy must make herself presentable at all times, with makeup and perfume and the correct dress for every occasion
A sissy must keep up with the latest fashions by studying the latest style magazines
A sissy must beg her mistress for a pink ribbon to wear in her hair and a pink ribbon to wear on her sissy clit marking her as Mistress’s property
A sissy must make sure she helps her Mistress in every way she can
A sissy must be polite and curtsey before Mistress and address her and other visitors as Ma’am or Sir
A sissy must clean the house, do the laundry and ironing, do the shopping, cook the dinner and make the house clean and presentable for mistress
A sissy must help her Mistress dress in the morning and undress at night
A sissy must make sure her Mistress is happy and content
A sissy is there to obey in everything
A sissy must have no concerns other than to make her Mistress happy
A sissy must be on hand to help Mistress in the bedroom if she wishes it
A sissy must know that Mistress will not want to have the sissy’s girly clit anywhere near her as the sissy’s girly click can’t possibly satisfy a woman
A sissy must be polite and cooperative to any Masters that Mistress may bring back to the house
A sissy must be there to tidy up after Mistress and Master by picking up clothes from the bedroom floor
A sissy must stand by while Mistress and Master perform their love making
A sissy must under no circumstances cum in their panties while Mistress and Master are performing or at any other time without Mistress permission
A sissy must observe how Mistress screams with pleasure when Master thrusts his cock into Mistress and know that a sissy can never pleasure Mistress in this way

A sissy must be grateful to Master for taking Mistress and must thank him
A sissy must clean Mistress’ pussy if requested to do so by licking up all Masters cum
A sissy must clean Masters cock if requested to do so by licking any cum or juices off it
A sissy must offer the services of the sissy’s clit or mouth in the further service of Mistress or Master
A sissy must do all this joyfully and to the best of their ability
For sissy’s who don’t try their best punishment will be severe; Mistress will spank her sissy severely and withdraw privileges as she sees fit
For sissy’s who succeed in making their Mistress’ happy the sissy will be content and fulfilled

Wash day!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A sissy visit

“Missy, you remember Jerry from down the road, or Jenny as he likes to be called now.  Doesn’t he, or should I say she, look wonderful now.  Look Missy at his wonderful blond hair, tight white blouse, and that tight black skirt.  Simply divine.”
“Don’t look so dumbstruck Missy, Jenny may have changed a great deal since you last saw him, but you have changed a great deal too.  Look at the pink panties and bra set you have on.”
“Welcome Susan and Jenny to our home.  Now Missy I want to have a talk with Susan so please entertain Jenny.”
“Don’t just stand there bring Jenny in.  I can see from the bulge in your panties Missy that you and Jenny are going to get on just fine.”
“Come and sit down Susan and we’ll watch these two.”
“ Missy, I think Jenny would like to get comfortable – perhaps you would be so good as to undo her blouse. Is that permissible Jackie?”
“Good.  Now don’t hold back Missy give Jenny a kiss.   Don’t they look absolutely adorable Susan.  I can see you have done such a good job with Jenny.”
“Yes, Missy is coming on nicely as well, but she does tend to spoil her panties a little too often.  I have tried milking her every evening, but every time she slides one of her dainty panty and bra sets on her sissy clit is hard again.  I simply don’t know what to do?”
“You have the same problem?”
“Look at these two lovebirds now, Susan.  They are simply beautiful together. I can see from how comfortable they are together on the sofa that they are going to be best of friends. “
“Don’t look now though Susan, because as soon as they start rubbing each others panties Missy for one will cum immediately.   Oh I have spoken too soon, look at the mess on her panties.  And I can see that Jenny has enjoyed her visit too.”
“Good idea Susan. Jenny is most welcome to come round and play every afternoon”

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pantie inspection again

Jackie had taken to leaving me a note on my dressing table mirror each day.  There scrawled in lipstick on the mirror would be one word; it would say 'red' or 'black' or 'pink'.  This morning it was 'white' and when I was dressed Jackie would come in for inspection.  "Yes, very nice dear. I particularly like the lace on today's panties.  Now run along and start getting breakfast ready."  I would give Jackie a quick bob of a curtsey, mumble "Yes Ma'am", and the day would begin.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Taken by my wife's boyfriend

I was scared.  He was so huge.  I had heard all the jokes about well hung black men, but I didn’t really believe that they could be that enormous.  Jackie, my wife, had insisted I go with him.  “Darling, you really need to know how it feels like for a woman”.  
So after Leroy had finished with Jackie - I could hear Jackie’s screams of pleasure as I got ready -  Jackie brought Leroy in to see me.  I obediently leant over the bed, while Jackie put some yuckie cream in my boy sissy love hole. 
Then he started. I could smell his breath; his very manhood in his sweat after his activity with my wife.  He seemed to tower over me and then I felt the tip of his cock.  “Take it all sissy”, as he crouched over me.  All I could think of to say was “Yes, Sir”.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Pink and bows

Pink is just my favourite colour.  There are so many lovely things created in pink and I just love them all.  I particularly love the ones with bows and ribbons. They are all just so lovely!