Monday, 30 July 2012

Daydreaming when I should be working

Master had been sitting in the kitchen just watching me as I cleaned. I could see him out of the corner of my eye – I wouldn’t dare look at him - sitting there in his dressing gown just watching me. He wasn’t reading the newspaper as he usually did.  He was just watching, sizing me up from head to foot. 
It was as I began to wash the floor that I noticed that his hand had moved down to the obvious bulge under his dressing gown. I was turning him on as I worked with my high heels, black stockings, and pale blue maids uniform. 
Then I began to have thoughts.  I wonder what his cock looks like?  I wonder what it feels like to take it in my hands and feel it hard and long?  What would it be like to kiss the top of it or to gradually take it in my mouth?  What would it feel like? It was enough to start me getting uncomfortable and moving in more regular movements with the mop to try and alleviate some of the discomfort as my sissy clit expanded into my pretty flowery panties.
It was hard to keep working. But I had to.  Then I began to imagine what it would be like if Master came behind me and rubbed his cock against my panties and then against my sissy clit.  In my imagination I was shouting; “Please Sir, take me, fill me, cum in my pussy.  Take me hard and cum on me Sir”.  My panties were full with a sissy clit which was so excited by these thoughts they made it almost impossible for me to continue with what I was doing.
It was as I had these thoughts I suddenly lifted my dress with the end of the mop handle and looked directly at Sir for the first time that morning. It was a look of lust, but more than that. It was a look of invitation which I had to hope Sir would take.  He could see my panties and what was going on in them and how much I wanted him then. I wanted him so much.

Friday, 27 July 2012

The matching panties game

I always look forward to the evenings when my wife suggests we play the matching panties game.  I used to complain when she would suggest we play, but the sex was so good when we both dressed in matching panties and bra sets that after a while I just accepted it as part of our normal routine.

It was kind of sweet cuddling up together with our little pink panties. The best part was always when she would put me on her knee and kiss me while playing with my little sissy clit.

Afterwards it was always so nice as we lay in bed together gently rubbing the front of each others panties.  Not only would we start the evening with matching panties but we would end it that way too. Both sets very wet.

What a wonderful feeling!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Masters sissy

Master is so powerful.  I love the feeling when he takes his little sissy in his arms and I feel so small and helpless.  He envelopes me in his arms and I know that this is now my whole existence.  Even just lying next to him, looking into his eyes and feeling his cock through his trousers, while he gently caresses my head barely recognising my presence as he watches football on the television is what I now live for.  He possesses my complete being.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The good sissy

 A good sissy must be able to keep a cleaner house than any ordinary housewife.......

....and must know how to keep their Master busy in the evenings.

No wonder good sissies are always so exhausted.

Panties and stockings for a sunshiny day

Friday, 20 July 2012

Bedtime cuddles

Susie always felt that we both needed to wear panties when we were having our bedtime cuddles.  She said she didn't like the feel of my boy bits flopping all over the place, and she wanted to feel the lovely smooth panties on her little sissy.  I really enjoyed the feel of the panties too so there were no complaints from me.

Sissy confusion

It was so confusing. I had always thought mens cummies were horrible, but now I didn’t know what to think.
Before this had all begun Susie used to laugh at me and my small man parts.  She would tease me and say things like “is it inside me yet?”, and “please put it inside me now dear”, when she knew very well that I had already entered her and I was doing my best to satisfy her.  When my little man dribble appeared she would laugh at me.  Often I would cry with frustration and Susie would laugh and hold me close and say “I’m sorry sweetie to laugh, but it really is only a dribble that comes out; not enough for a real woman I’m afraid. Why don’t we just cuddle?”  I had been so embarrassed about my man dribble then.
When Susie started dressing me in girly clothes I had several accidents when I made my panties very wet. Susie was kind to me and told me not to mind and that the pills she was giving me would take care of all that. But it was so embarrassing, particularly when in the company of Susie’s new men friends.  It was also more than that.  I didn’t want to cum any more with my little man parts.  Cum was horrid and yucky.
A little while after I was introduced to Susie’s friend Michael.  Susie said that she wanted me to suck on his man bits and to see if I could get him to give me his man goo.  That didn’t sound nice at all, but luckily Susie was there as well to help and tell me what to do.  I licked the end of his cock (as Susie told me to), and then put much of it in my mouth while tickling the underside of it with my tongue (once again as instructed).  Slowly I took him into my mouth and bobbed gently on his man bit.  It was soon that I felt it twitch and suddenly my mouth was awash with Michael’s cum.  It was too much and I suddenly had to pull out of his mouth as his cum squirted all over my nice new blouse. 
My first thought was how annoyed Susie would be with me. But not at all.  The comments were “good girl” and “good work sweetie”.  She was pleased with me, and told me so.  “To make Michael cum on your first try was more than we could have hoped for sweetie.  Can’t you see how much Michael enjoyed it?  Very well done”.  I glowed with pride, and was just glad that Susie hadn’t noticed how I had cum in my pretty pink panties. 
So I was meant to like mens cummies now?  It seemed as if it was now a good thing. I didn’t mind taking Michael’s thing in my mouth as much as I thought I might and the cummies weren’t too awful either. Susie promised I would get lots of practice from now on.  It was still very confusing for a little sissy like me.  Good job I have Susie to guide me.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Counting my sissy blessings

My wife Sarah always told me to count my sissy blessings and I often do.  After all I am a sissy with a lot to be grateful for.
I am really lucky to have a wife like Sarah, who has introduced me to being a sissy.  I didn’t even know I wanted to be a sissy until Sarah showed me by introducing me firstly to panties, then to bras, stockings, petticoats, lovely ribbons and bows, and lovely high heels.  All the yummy girly things that Sarah has bought me are hanging up in my room.  I am so grateful to her.
I also love my bedroom so much. It used to be the spare bedroom but Sarah had it completely redecorated and I simply love my walk in wardrobe, my pink curtains and carpet and the lovely large pink framed mirror where I can model my clothes.
Sarah also made me quit my job and stay at home and look after things, and I so enjoy this as well.  It really is so liberating to be able to look after Sarah and make sure everything at home is just right for her. I love it when she comes home and comments on how neat everything is, or how nice dinner is, or how pretty the dress I’m wearing is.  I honestly would do anything to please Sarah.
The injections, pills and operations weren’t something I looked forward to, but I’m so glad that Sarah insisted.  I love my new body, and I spend many hours in front of the mirror admiring myself and playing with my new breasts.  They are soooo sensitive and I just love the warm feeling inside when I tweak and kiss them. I am so lucky.
I am so lucky to be what Sarah calls “a blonde bimbo”.  Everyone seems to like me – at least the men all stare at me when I’m out – and people are always laughing when I talk to them.  I seem to cheer a lot of folks up which is a blessing to be thankful for.
I’m also so grateful to Sarah for showing me how to suck cock.  Sarah and her new friend Bruce have been showing me how to do this this week.  It seems Bruce likes to have his cock sucked every day and Sarah has shown me how to lick his cock and then take it into my mouth, and if I’m clever enough make Bruce release his sticky man goo.  Yesterday it felt so good that I’m afraid that I made a mess in my pretty lacy yellow panties. I was very embarrassed but Sarah said that I had done very well and that men would like me if I could do that to them.  I can’t wait until Bruce comes over again tonight.  I am one lucky sissy.

Dress up afternoon

All the housework and laundry done, no one at home and nothing to do.  An afternoon of dressing up with all the lovely girly things in my cupboards and wardrobes.  The only trouble is I can never keep my hands off myself on dress up afternoon.  I just have no will power.  But I do have such a lovely time.

Not wanting to look

I just didn’t know where to look.  There they were; my wife and her boyfriend kissing and cuddling on the bed.  Sarah had the pink night gown I had chosen for her on, while the matching panties had already been discarded to the floor beside the bed.   Nathan was completely naked and his enormous thick cock stood ram rod to attention.  It wasn’t just the length of the cock, but its girth and at first all I could do was stare at it. 
“Like what you see sweetie?” was Sarah’s question when she happened to look over to me standing in the corner of the bedroom. 
I must have looked as embarrassed and confused as I felt.  Embarrassed to be there at all watching my attractive wife be taken by this stud of a man.  But also embarrassed to be caught staring at Nathan’s cock.  And I was very confused by the fact that what Sarah called my ‘sissy clit’ was twitching in my panties and was so excited by the scene.  I immediately looked down to the floor and that was where my eyes stayed for the next 20 minutes as the tears silently rolled down my cheeks.  
I was conscious of their passionate and loud love making, but I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the floor.  I couldn’t look.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Time for bed

“Go on then, just put it on. No one will know. I know you want to”, said Anne my wife holding out a beautiful pink baby doll night gown. 
I’d had just about enough.  “No, I won’t wear it and you can’t make me”, I protested bitterly, trying to hold back the tears.  At that moment I was full of self-pity about the situation I had found myself in.
“So you won’t wear it? I suppose next you are going to tell me that you were forced to wear the lovely pink panties that go with this night gown when you went to work this morning?  That you didn’t want to wear them underneath your suit?”
It was true. I was wearing the panties and had been for several days.  But I hadn’t wanted to.  Anne had been working on me for weeks.  She wouldn’t let me touch her in bed without panties on, let alone have sex.  She said she hated the feel of my boy bits in bed rubbing against her and she would only allow us to cuddle if I started to wear her panties.  That was how it started.  It hadn’t been such a hardship as no one would know and the panties did feel wonderful against my skin.  I was soon used to wearing panties in bed.
It progressed to wearing panties at work under my suit after several weeks of her not allowing me to cum.  I wanted to so much and it had been so long since I had that it was so good whenever Anne put her hand round what she called my ‘sissy clit’ to help me to masturbate.  It wasn’t a dick at all it was so small she said and as for the pathetic dribble it produced, well it was hardly enough to satisfy a woman like her she used to tell me as she moved her hand up and down.  When the night before last she refused to masturbate me or let me masturbate myself, I was in tears and almost begging her to let me cum. It had been six long days since I had had any relief at all.   I don’t know how it happened, but within 15 minutes she had me begging to be allowed to wear panties to work and round the house.  It was then she had taken me over the edge as I screamed “please let me wear your lovely pink panties mummy”. 
It was so embarrassing to think of how it happened, and how when I got up and went to put some boxers on over the next few days she was there. “Haven’t you forgotten something sweetie”, she would say holding that days pink panties creation.
Now she wanted to have me wear a night dress as well.  I stood there and stared at her and pouted, although I must have looked a sight as I had already undressed and stood there with nothing but the pink panties on.  “I won’t do it and that is final”, I said angrily and at that point I burst into tears.
Anne came over and gave me a cuddle. “Oh you poor dear”, and pushed my head into her breasts, as she stoked and spoke soothingly to me as we both sat on the edge of the bed.  What she told me I thought was probably right.  I had enjoyed wearing the panties; she could see even then my little sissy clit poking over the elastic lining of the panties.  She was right that I hadn’t been forced and that I had enjoyed our cuddles together in bed.  And she said she would enjoy it more if I wore the night dress and that I would be more of an experience for her if she could give me a cuddle in the night dress.  Looking at it that way I supposed I could if I was doing it for her. 
When she put her hand round my sissy clit and told me that we could have a wonderful time if I wore the night dress, it was then I just held my arms out high and let her slip it over my head.  We were soon in bed together having a cuddle and in no time at all my cummies were filling the lovely pink panties.  It was wonderful.  It was where this would all lead that really worried me.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Being treated like a woman

I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely furious.  How could he have treated me like that?
There I was minding my own business in the queue at the coffee shop when I spotted him out of the corner of my eye.  Thin, rugged, with the stubble on his face which made him appear so manly. I turned round and had a good look at him while he was looking the other way; I wonder what he looks like without his jeans on was my one thought.  My little sissy clit stirred at the thought. 
Then as I turned round to pay for my coffee I felt a pinch on the bottom. Turning round suddenly he was there facing me, and I almost fell into his arms he was so close.  “How you doing beautiful? I saw you staring at me.  Like what you see?” he said as he wrapped his arms round me and his hands closed on the short skirt that barely covered my pantied bottom.  He laid first one then both hands on my bottom.
First of all I blushed red. Then instinctively I pushed him away.  “How dare you? “ I cried, but he had already started walking away with a smile on his face as he turned and waved at me.
My wife Sarah had no sympathy when I told her about it.  She laughed.  “Women are treated by men like that all the time. Get used to it sweetie”.  I was still fuming at what he had done all afternoon. 
It wasn’t until bedtime when I was on my own in my little red baby doll nighty and matching panties that I began to wonder whether I should have pushed him away.  In fact just cuddling myself and thinking about it made me mess my panties yet again. 
Perhaps I would try and get myself a coffee from the same place tomorrow. You never know what might happen.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

In the doghouse again

I guess it had started when Madam Sue bent me over her lap, hitched up my skirt and gave me a severe spanking on my pantied bottom.  This wasn't an unusual happening, but today something terrible occurred.  I must say first that I couldn't help myself; it was just the way I was lying across her lap.  My sissy clit was resting against her stockinged thighs and with each spank it seemed to rub my sissy clit against her leg.

The experience was just too intense, with the feeling of her smooth stocking such a thrill that in no time at all I was cumming all over Madam Sue's stockings.  She was completely overcome with rage; I had never seen her so upset and she left me on the floor where she had thrown me and stood, paced and shouted and swore at me for some minutes.  Even when she had recovered enough to order me to lick her stockings clean, she still shouted and screamed in my ears. I was really very afraid of what she might do.

In the end the punishment was much less severe than it might have been.  I was to be left on the floor of the sitting room with only soaking wet panties and a bra to hide my modesty.  I was there to be abused and Madam Sue gave me several sharp digs with the end of her stilletto as she went by.  I must say however that the sight of Madam Anne when she came over to inspect me made the whole punishment something of a treat.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A present

My girlfriend was always giving me presents.  Sometimes she would give me a tie or a box of chocolates, but this was very definitely a different kettle of fish.  She left it in the kitchen when she went to work and I spotted the beautifully wrapped present, with pink wrapping and bow keeping it all together, when I went to make some coffee. 
I undid the package and stopped in amazement.  My girlfriend had bought me a pair of panties.  Whats more they were pink and had a frill and a bow on them.  What was she thinking of?  I picked up the card and all it said was; To John, Please wear these when I get home this evening and we can have some fun. Love, Julie."   Julie clearly had one of her ideas on how to spice up our lovelife.
I hesitated and then tried on the panties.    They were wonderfully smooth and gave me all sorts of sensory sensations that made my cock immediately stand to attention. I couldn't imagine what I must have looked like and I hardly cared because they just felt wonderful. 
It was a day of expectataion. I couldn't wait until Julie got home, but I also wore the panties for the entire day as I imagined what Julie might have in store for me.  In fact I had had to try very hard not to cum in the panties which left me in erotic suspense the whole day.  A few wet spots had managed to get on the panties. I hope Julie didn't notice.

Friday, 6 July 2012

The spare room

It didn’t seem fair that I had to move into the spare bedroom.  We had always shared a kingsize double bed together.  It was true I had never been very good for her in the way of sex, with a very small dick and a tendency to cum prematurely; what Jane called my little dribble.  Of course now that Jane had asked me to wear matching panties and baby doll night gowns in bed I felt like sex even less.  It was gorgeous just cuddling in bed as I felt the soft delicate materials caress my skin.  It made me feel all tingly inside. 
Jane had explained it to me very patiently.  She told me that she had needs as well, and although she loved our cuddles she needed a real man to fuck her every so often.  She wanted to bring a man home who could give her what she wanted and needed and what I couldn’t give her; someone muscular and powerful and masculine and would take her like a real man takes a woman.   And as she explained she could hardly bring someone home when I shared a bedroom with her.
I couldn’t get my head round this at all.  I knew everything she said was true, but it took some coming to terms with.  The spare room had always been somewhere to chuck junk in and was cold, small and a mess.  “Don’t be silly Darling, I’ve got someone to come and redecorate it. It’ll be lovely”.  I looked doubtful and showed it.  But Jane looked severe and when that happened there was no arguing with her, and you just had to get on and make the best of things.
I knew that the decorators were coming in that day so I wasn’t surprised when Jane grabbed me by the hand as I came in the door with a commanding “come and look darling”.  The room had been transformed from a dingy store cupboard to a vision in pink and white; pink walls, pink curtains, pink carpet.  The two items of furniture that really hit you when you walked in was the bed dressed with a pink spotty duvet and lacy pillows, and the vanity unit with a pink mirror with an array of makeup and other pots and potions sitting on the top.  Jane grabbed me by the hand and showed me the contents of the drawers; one had panties in every conceivable shape and form, another bras, another stockings and garters and other girly bits and pieces.  The cupboard had skirts and dresses hanging there.
I was very uncertain and my face betrayed me.  In fact I think I might have started crying if Jane hadn’t put her pouty look on.  “You might look more pleased about it darling, I have spent ages getting this room just right for you, and buying in all these  girly things for you. You’ll just love wearing them I know”.  I pulled myself together and smiled and tried to look happy, because it would have been awful if I upset Jane.  “Good”, she said, “I’ll leave you to get acquainted with your room darling.  Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable and come and join me in a minute.  How about these? ” she said laying a pink panty and bra set and a matching pale pink lace trimmed gown on the bed, before she left.
I lay there and took stock.  I didn’t want to be in the spare room at all but Jane was the kind of woman who just wouldn’t be challenged. I knew that I always went along with her plans in the end.  I felt the material on the gown and the panties and bra and how smooth they were. Perhaps wearing them wouldn’t be so bad after all as they would be so smooth against the skin.  As I felt them I began to come to terms with the spare room and as I hurriedly took off my work things and began putting the lingerie on I was just beginning to be more positive about the whole thing.  After all the panties and bra and gown felt absolutely adorable.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

That look

I always knew that Jane had something special in store for me when she gave me that look.  She seemed to see into my very soul.  I was never sure whether it was a look of disdain or one figuring out the best way to use my body for her pleasure. 

Sometimes the look was a prelude to a spanking as I draped myself over her stockinged legs and she walloped my backside with all her energy while shouting a litany of my misdemeanours. 

Sometimes it was a sign of a more pleasurable evening that would see my head buried in the lovely cocoon that was her enveloping legs, while using my tongue to thoroughly worship her pussy.  She would expertly use her knees to time my efforts, dragging my head backwards before she was overcome.  This made the whole experience last several hours, but then she could hold back no longer and would thrust her pussy at my mouth and ride my head as if she were an uncontrollable force of nature. 

Of course whether it was a spanking or an evening pleasuring Jane I always seemed to cum in my panties very quickly.  And sometimes it was just the look that made me cum.

i love the lace on my maid's uniform

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ready and waiting

As I lay on the sofa and waited for ‘my husband’ Bruce I had time to think back over the preceding three years and all the effort it had taken to look and feel like this. 
There were definite phases. Right at the beginning it was my wife Sue who insisted I started to wear panties and other bits of women’s clothing round the house. Boy had I protested, and I whined and cried my way through those first weeks.  But Sue had always been stronger than me, and had always been firm that I must wear panties.  In the end I just couldn’t defy her and for an easy life I just let her dictate. Which is why when she introduced bras and garters and stockings, heels, short dresses and baby doll night dresses I accepted it without very much of a fight. 
I think the second phase was when I came to realise that I really loved the soft delicate pink girly things that Sue had started buying me.  I suppose it was the hormone injections that Sue had started giving me some weeks before, but I just didn’t want to wear boys clothes any longer. I loved to wear pretty girly things and began to admire myself in the mirror in each flouncy outfit that Sue brought home for me.
Then there was the time when I had to learn how to act and look like a woman.  Sue showed me as much as she could about walking and talking, and showed me how to put nail polish onto my toes and fingernails. Pink of course.  Makeup lessons came next.
 Of course there were also the operations.  Sue said that I really needed my own breasts.  She also said that I wouldn’t need my boy bits any longer as they had never been much use to me or to her.  I just went along with whatever Sue said as she seemed to know what was best for me. I hadn’t been able to think straight for myself for some time, being in a girly haze of indecision on everything until Sue made up my mind for me.  I was always in trouble; I remember being in a shop buying panties and not being able to choose between the pink and the powder blue ones. But suddenly Sue was there to remind me my favourite colour was pink and everything fell into place.  How could I have forgotten my favourite colour was pink? Thank goodness for Sue.
The last phase I suppose was when Sue taught me about boys. I had been pretty scared as the men that Sue brought home and took into her bedroom were big, strong, muscular types.  Sue always seemed to have a good time with them as she always smiled and flirted with them and they often stayed in Sue’s bedroom with her overnight. I could often hear them from the spare room; they always seemed to be having fun.  But the men scared me to death.
It was a man called Frank who was gentler than many of the others, and had a kind smile which he would flash at me when he came to see Sue.  On his third visit while he was sat in the kitchen he pulled me onto his lap. I loved the way it felt; how he ran his hand up my stockinged leg and onto my breast, while I giggled and wriggled and felt his hard boy thingy grow in his trousers underneath me.  Sue was there as well and just smiled at us both.  It was soon after that that Frank came into my bedroom one evening and came to bed with me. I wasn’t sure what to do, but he did marvellous things to me that night that I would never forget.
Sue then got me to learn all about how to treat boys. Apparently they love having their boy thingys sucked and Sue showed me how to do this with Frank.  We both knelt in front of him and took it in turns to suck his thingy.  He seemed to like it because he quickly released all his sticky goo onto both our faces. Sue began licking it off my face so I did the same to her.
It was then that Sue said I was ready to ‘get married’.  I wasn’t at all sure about that. After all I was married to Sue wasn’t I?  Sue told me not to be a silly girl and that Bruce would be a wonderful husband for me.  
Sue was right of course as she always had been.  Bruce was lovely. He was gentle and kind and simply loved it when I sucked and played with his boy thingy.  I would always melt into his powerful arms each time he kissed me.  I was now Bruce’s girl ready and waiting for him to come home from work. 
He had promised we could play on the sofa when he got home. So here I was ready and waiting.

i always did have trouble with heels

Do you dream in pink?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dressed to impress

Whenever my wife invited her boyfriend Adam round for supper she always insisted that I dressed to impress.  She would even go to the trouble of buying me new outfits, which she insisted I modelled for her beforehand. I could never work out why this was as after I had served them dinner it was she who ended up in the bedroom with her well hung boyfriend, and it was me who ended up in the spare room crying my eyes out. 

When Sarah was out of the dining room it was pretty fun flirting with Adam though.  I wonder if he likes me....?

Having trouble with my suspender belt

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sissy punishment

"Missy!  Go and stand by the wall with your hands on your head and stay there until lunchtime.  I'll decide then on whether you need to be spanked."

panty training

I’d met Heather at a bar and we had pretty quickly begun a relationship which involved lots of sex.  It was after a week or two of going out that one evening when we were both on the sofa and just getting each other in the mood for a move to the bedroom, that Heather suddenly took her panties off and started to masturbate me with them. The smooth material against my cock seemed to very quickly drive me wild and had me cumming all over the place.  It was simply great.
It was in the next few evenings that I would ask Heather to do the same. At first she refused; said something about trying to save the cum for when we were in bed together, but on the third night she did the same with her pink satin panties.  Afterwards unable to get myself aroused again Heather decided to compensate by sitting on my head and getting me to lick her in any way I could to satisfy her. By the way she thrashed about and ground herself against my mouth I would say she enjoyed the experience.
As the weeks went by this seemed to be the pattern of our relationship, so that one week I realised it had been a full month since we had had normal plain vanilla sex.  This seemed much more exciting. 
It was when Heather started buying me panties to wear during our sessions that I began to think things had gone a little too far.  But Heather rubbed them against my cock and then when at my weakest got me to put them on.  I drew them up my legs and felt the material against my cock; it was delicious.  Heather merely had to tease my cock through my panties to have me cumming inside them. 
It was soon after that that Heather began to buy me other girly bits and pieces.  A pair of stockings and a garter belt first.  I wouldn’t have put them on if the feeling against my legs hadn’t been so exquisite. I must have looked a sight with pink panties and black garter and stocking combination, on all fours with my head buried in Heather’s pussy, her screaming at the top of her voice as she thrashed about.  Afterwards Heather would pat me on the head and say “good girl”, and “my good little sissy”, which I objected to strongly as I wasn’t a sissy, but I was too tired to protest.
After the stockings a baby doll night dress in pink appeared.  Just feeling the material I knew it would be so sensual to put on, and when the time came Heather didn’t even need to persuade me. The whole evening was fantastic.  
Heather and I are now due to go out shopping on Saturday to start my own wardrobe to enhance our lovemaking.  I haven’t yet told her that even on the nights we aren’t together I have taken to wearing the matching panties and baby doll nightdress to bed.  I just can’t resist.

The next step

“Take a look at the picture, Missy.  Go on. Take it and look at it.”  I held the picture unsteadily as I gazed at the girl.  “What do you think of her?” asked Sarah my wife.  
Certainly she was attractive.  “Do you want to go to bed with her?” asked Sarah.   “Do you want to take her and fuck her?” I looked at her in surprise and with some embarrassment.  I could feel myself going red, but I couldn’t answer.  After all the girl in the picture didn’t really turn me on.  “No, of course you don’t because you are a sissy”, Sarah said finally breaking the silence.
“What you want to do is to be like her don’t you? You want to wear the same pretty pink stripy bra and pink top nestling the same breasts”
“You want blond hair with a rose in it and the same red lip stick covered pouty lips.  You want to feel soft and pink and be a girly.  You do don’t you?”
I was surprised by my own reaction.  Just thinking about it that is exactly what I wanted. Not to be like her, but to be her.   And in fact as I looked at the picture I began to get more excited.
Standing there looking at the picture Sarah reached over and put her hand down under the waistband of the skirt and felt the now prominent bulge in my panties.  “You do, don’t you?”
“Yes”, I whispered “I do want to be her”.  I wanted to wear the clothes and the makeup she wore. I wanted to look like her, and act like her. I wanted to go shopping, and talk with  friends as she would.  I wanted to have the freedom to be her, to have boyfriends or to even have my picture taken in a pink outfit just as she did.  This was my first realisation of what it was I did want.
Sarah smiled.  “I knew this was what you wanted.  I knew as soon as we were married, and am so glad that I have asked you to wear my panties, bras, stockings, blouses and skirts these last weeks.  From now on no borrowing; we must get some of your own”. 
She pulled me towards her and cuddled me in her arms.  I loved the feel of her breasts as she held me, and grateful to her for protecting me and making these decisions for me.  I was so lucky to have Sarah as a wife.