Thursday, 12 July 2012

Being treated like a woman

I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely furious.  How could he have treated me like that?
There I was minding my own business in the queue at the coffee shop when I spotted him out of the corner of my eye.  Thin, rugged, with the stubble on his face which made him appear so manly. I turned round and had a good look at him while he was looking the other way; I wonder what he looks like without his jeans on was my one thought.  My little sissy clit stirred at the thought. 
Then as I turned round to pay for my coffee I felt a pinch on the bottom. Turning round suddenly he was there facing me, and I almost fell into his arms he was so close.  “How you doing beautiful? I saw you staring at me.  Like what you see?” he said as he wrapped his arms round me and his hands closed on the short skirt that barely covered my pantied bottom.  He laid first one then both hands on my bottom.
First of all I blushed red. Then instinctively I pushed him away.  “How dare you? “ I cried, but he had already started walking away with a smile on his face as he turned and waved at me.
My wife Sarah had no sympathy when I told her about it.  She laughed.  “Women are treated by men like that all the time. Get used to it sweetie”.  I was still fuming at what he had done all afternoon. 
It wasn’t until bedtime when I was on my own in my little red baby doll nighty and matching panties that I began to wonder whether I should have pushed him away.  In fact just cuddling myself and thinking about it made me mess my panties yet again. 
Perhaps I would try and get myself a coffee from the same place tomorrow. You never know what might happen.

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