Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Counting my sissy blessings

My wife Sarah always told me to count my sissy blessings and I often do.  After all I am a sissy with a lot to be grateful for.
I am really lucky to have a wife like Sarah, who has introduced me to being a sissy.  I didn’t even know I wanted to be a sissy until Sarah showed me by introducing me firstly to panties, then to bras, stockings, petticoats, lovely ribbons and bows, and lovely high heels.  All the yummy girly things that Sarah has bought me are hanging up in my room.  I am so grateful to her.
I also love my bedroom so much. It used to be the spare bedroom but Sarah had it completely redecorated and I simply love my walk in wardrobe, my pink curtains and carpet and the lovely large pink framed mirror where I can model my clothes.
Sarah also made me quit my job and stay at home and look after things, and I so enjoy this as well.  It really is so liberating to be able to look after Sarah and make sure everything at home is just right for her. I love it when she comes home and comments on how neat everything is, or how nice dinner is, or how pretty the dress I’m wearing is.  I honestly would do anything to please Sarah.
The injections, pills and operations weren’t something I looked forward to, but I’m so glad that Sarah insisted.  I love my new body, and I spend many hours in front of the mirror admiring myself and playing with my new breasts.  They are soooo sensitive and I just love the warm feeling inside when I tweak and kiss them. I am so lucky.
I am so lucky to be what Sarah calls “a blonde bimbo”.  Everyone seems to like me – at least the men all stare at me when I’m out – and people are always laughing when I talk to them.  I seem to cheer a lot of folks up which is a blessing to be thankful for.
I’m also so grateful to Sarah for showing me how to suck cock.  Sarah and her new friend Bruce have been showing me how to do this this week.  It seems Bruce likes to have his cock sucked every day and Sarah has shown me how to lick his cock and then take it into my mouth, and if I’m clever enough make Bruce release his sticky man goo.  Yesterday it felt so good that I’m afraid that I made a mess in my pretty lacy yellow panties. I was very embarrassed but Sarah said that I had done very well and that men would like me if I could do that to them.  I can’t wait until Bruce comes over again tonight.  I am one lucky sissy.

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  1. Yes. You are Sarah Jayne. Lucky indeed! Sweet post