Monday, 30 July 2012

Daydreaming when I should be working

Master had been sitting in the kitchen just watching me as I cleaned. I could see him out of the corner of my eye – I wouldn’t dare look at him - sitting there in his dressing gown just watching me. He wasn’t reading the newspaper as he usually did.  He was just watching, sizing me up from head to foot. 
It was as I began to wash the floor that I noticed that his hand had moved down to the obvious bulge under his dressing gown. I was turning him on as I worked with my high heels, black stockings, and pale blue maids uniform. 
Then I began to have thoughts.  I wonder what his cock looks like?  I wonder what it feels like to take it in my hands and feel it hard and long?  What would it be like to kiss the top of it or to gradually take it in my mouth?  What would it feel like? It was enough to start me getting uncomfortable and moving in more regular movements with the mop to try and alleviate some of the discomfort as my sissy clit expanded into my pretty flowery panties.
It was hard to keep working. But I had to.  Then I began to imagine what it would be like if Master came behind me and rubbed his cock against my panties and then against my sissy clit.  In my imagination I was shouting; “Please Sir, take me, fill me, cum in my pussy.  Take me hard and cum on me Sir”.  My panties were full with a sissy clit which was so excited by these thoughts they made it almost impossible for me to continue with what I was doing.
It was as I had these thoughts I suddenly lifted my dress with the end of the mop handle and looked directly at Sir for the first time that morning. It was a look of lust, but more than that. It was a look of invitation which I had to hope Sir would take.  He could see my panties and what was going on in them and how much I wanted him then. I wanted him so much.