Wednesday, 11 July 2012

In the doghouse again

I guess it had started when Madam Sue bent me over her lap, hitched up my skirt and gave me a severe spanking on my pantied bottom.  This wasn't an unusual happening, but today something terrible occurred.  I must say first that I couldn't help myself; it was just the way I was lying across her lap.  My sissy clit was resting against her stockinged thighs and with each spank it seemed to rub my sissy clit against her leg.

The experience was just too intense, with the feeling of her smooth stocking such a thrill that in no time at all I was cumming all over Madam Sue's stockings.  She was completely overcome with rage; I had never seen her so upset and she left me on the floor where she had thrown me and stood, paced and shouted and swore at me for some minutes.  Even when she had recovered enough to order me to lick her stockings clean, she still shouted and screamed in my ears. I was really very afraid of what she might do.

In the end the punishment was much less severe than it might have been.  I was to be left on the floor of the sitting room with only soaking wet panties and a bra to hide my modesty.  I was there to be abused and Madam Sue gave me several sharp digs with the end of her stilletto as she went by.  I must say however that the sight of Madam Anne when she came over to inspect me made the whole punishment something of a treat.


  1. Oh Sarah Jayne! How deliciously awful!



  2. Whew! Easy to see how you'd cum on Her. Love the pic, too! :)
    Hug, Sara