Monday, 2 July 2012

panty training

I’d met Heather at a bar and we had pretty quickly begun a relationship which involved lots of sex.  It was after a week or two of going out that one evening when we were both on the sofa and just getting each other in the mood for a move to the bedroom, that Heather suddenly took her panties off and started to masturbate me with them. The smooth material against my cock seemed to very quickly drive me wild and had me cumming all over the place.  It was simply great.
It was in the next few evenings that I would ask Heather to do the same. At first she refused; said something about trying to save the cum for when we were in bed together, but on the third night she did the same with her pink satin panties.  Afterwards unable to get myself aroused again Heather decided to compensate by sitting on my head and getting me to lick her in any way I could to satisfy her. By the way she thrashed about and ground herself against my mouth I would say she enjoyed the experience.
As the weeks went by this seemed to be the pattern of our relationship, so that one week I realised it had been a full month since we had had normal plain vanilla sex.  This seemed much more exciting. 
It was when Heather started buying me panties to wear during our sessions that I began to think things had gone a little too far.  But Heather rubbed them against my cock and then when at my weakest got me to put them on.  I drew them up my legs and felt the material against my cock; it was delicious.  Heather merely had to tease my cock through my panties to have me cumming inside them. 
It was soon after that that Heather began to buy me other girly bits and pieces.  A pair of stockings and a garter belt first.  I wouldn’t have put them on if the feeling against my legs hadn’t been so exquisite. I must have looked a sight with pink panties and black garter and stocking combination, on all fours with my head buried in Heather’s pussy, her screaming at the top of her voice as she thrashed about.  Afterwards Heather would pat me on the head and say “good girl”, and “my good little sissy”, which I objected to strongly as I wasn’t a sissy, but I was too tired to protest.
After the stockings a baby doll night dress in pink appeared.  Just feeling the material I knew it would be so sensual to put on, and when the time came Heather didn’t even need to persuade me. The whole evening was fantastic.  
Heather and I are now due to go out shopping on Saturday to start my own wardrobe to enhance our lovemaking.  I haven’t yet told her that even on the nights we aren’t together I have taken to wearing the matching panties and baby doll nightdress to bed.  I just can’t resist.


  1. Oh my! Such a sweet story. Love it!



  2. That was a wonderful story, wish my wife had continued when we were into that, but she outgrew it so to speak.