Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A present

My girlfriend was always giving me presents.  Sometimes she would give me a tie or a box of chocolates, but this was very definitely a different kettle of fish.  She left it in the kitchen when she went to work and I spotted the beautifully wrapped present, with pink wrapping and bow keeping it all together, when I went to make some coffee. 
I undid the package and stopped in amazement.  My girlfriend had bought me a pair of panties.  Whats more they were pink and had a frill and a bow on them.  What was she thinking of?  I picked up the card and all it said was; To John, Please wear these when I get home this evening and we can have some fun. Love, Julie."   Julie clearly had one of her ideas on how to spice up our lovelife.
I hesitated and then tried on the panties.    They were wonderfully smooth and gave me all sorts of sensory sensations that made my cock immediately stand to attention. I couldn't imagine what I must have looked like and I hardly cared because they just felt wonderful. 
It was a day of expectataion. I couldn't wait until Julie got home, but I also wore the panties for the entire day as I imagined what Julie might have in store for me.  In fact I had had to try very hard not to cum in the panties which left me in erotic suspense the whole day.  A few wet spots had managed to get on the panties. I hope Julie didn't notice.

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