Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ready and waiting

As I lay on the sofa and waited for ‘my husband’ Bruce I had time to think back over the preceding three years and all the effort it had taken to look and feel like this. 
There were definite phases. Right at the beginning it was my wife Sue who insisted I started to wear panties and other bits of women’s clothing round the house. Boy had I protested, and I whined and cried my way through those first weeks.  But Sue had always been stronger than me, and had always been firm that I must wear panties.  In the end I just couldn’t defy her and for an easy life I just let her dictate. Which is why when she introduced bras and garters and stockings, heels, short dresses and baby doll night dresses I accepted it without very much of a fight. 
I think the second phase was when I came to realise that I really loved the soft delicate pink girly things that Sue had started buying me.  I suppose it was the hormone injections that Sue had started giving me some weeks before, but I just didn’t want to wear boys clothes any longer. I loved to wear pretty girly things and began to admire myself in the mirror in each flouncy outfit that Sue brought home for me.
Then there was the time when I had to learn how to act and look like a woman.  Sue showed me as much as she could about walking and talking, and showed me how to put nail polish onto my toes and fingernails. Pink of course.  Makeup lessons came next.
 Of course there were also the operations.  Sue said that I really needed my own breasts.  She also said that I wouldn’t need my boy bits any longer as they had never been much use to me or to her.  I just went along with whatever Sue said as she seemed to know what was best for me. I hadn’t been able to think straight for myself for some time, being in a girly haze of indecision on everything until Sue made up my mind for me.  I was always in trouble; I remember being in a shop buying panties and not being able to choose between the pink and the powder blue ones. But suddenly Sue was there to remind me my favourite colour was pink and everything fell into place.  How could I have forgotten my favourite colour was pink? Thank goodness for Sue.
The last phase I suppose was when Sue taught me about boys. I had been pretty scared as the men that Sue brought home and took into her bedroom were big, strong, muscular types.  Sue always seemed to have a good time with them as she always smiled and flirted with them and they often stayed in Sue’s bedroom with her overnight. I could often hear them from the spare room; they always seemed to be having fun.  But the men scared me to death.
It was a man called Frank who was gentler than many of the others, and had a kind smile which he would flash at me when he came to see Sue.  On his third visit while he was sat in the kitchen he pulled me onto his lap. I loved the way it felt; how he ran his hand up my stockinged leg and onto my breast, while I giggled and wriggled and felt his hard boy thingy grow in his trousers underneath me.  Sue was there as well and just smiled at us both.  It was soon after that that Frank came into my bedroom one evening and came to bed with me. I wasn’t sure what to do, but he did marvellous things to me that night that I would never forget.
Sue then got me to learn all about how to treat boys. Apparently they love having their boy thingys sucked and Sue showed me how to do this with Frank.  We both knelt in front of him and took it in turns to suck his thingy.  He seemed to like it because he quickly released all his sticky goo onto both our faces. Sue began licking it off my face so I did the same to her.
It was then that Sue said I was ready to ‘get married’.  I wasn’t at all sure about that. After all I was married to Sue wasn’t I?  Sue told me not to be a silly girl and that Bruce would be a wonderful husband for me.  
Sue was right of course as she always had been.  Bruce was lovely. He was gentle and kind and simply loved it when I sucked and played with his boy thingy.  I would always melt into his powerful arms each time he kissed me.  I was now Bruce’s girl ready and waiting for him to come home from work. 
He had promised we could play on the sofa when he got home. So here I was ready and waiting.

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