Friday, 20 July 2012

Sissy confusion

It was so confusing. I had always thought mens cummies were horrible, but now I didn’t know what to think.
Before this had all begun Susie used to laugh at me and my small man parts.  She would tease me and say things like “is it inside me yet?”, and “please put it inside me now dear”, when she knew very well that I had already entered her and I was doing my best to satisfy her.  When my little man dribble appeared she would laugh at me.  Often I would cry with frustration and Susie would laugh and hold me close and say “I’m sorry sweetie to laugh, but it really is only a dribble that comes out; not enough for a real woman I’m afraid. Why don’t we just cuddle?”  I had been so embarrassed about my man dribble then.
When Susie started dressing me in girly clothes I had several accidents when I made my panties very wet. Susie was kind to me and told me not to mind and that the pills she was giving me would take care of all that. But it was so embarrassing, particularly when in the company of Susie’s new men friends.  It was also more than that.  I didn’t want to cum any more with my little man parts.  Cum was horrid and yucky.
A little while after I was introduced to Susie’s friend Michael.  Susie said that she wanted me to suck on his man bits and to see if I could get him to give me his man goo.  That didn’t sound nice at all, but luckily Susie was there as well to help and tell me what to do.  I licked the end of his cock (as Susie told me to), and then put much of it in my mouth while tickling the underside of it with my tongue (once again as instructed).  Slowly I took him into my mouth and bobbed gently on his man bit.  It was soon that I felt it twitch and suddenly my mouth was awash with Michael’s cum.  It was too much and I suddenly had to pull out of his mouth as his cum squirted all over my nice new blouse. 
My first thought was how annoyed Susie would be with me. But not at all.  The comments were “good girl” and “good work sweetie”.  She was pleased with me, and told me so.  “To make Michael cum on your first try was more than we could have hoped for sweetie.  Can’t you see how much Michael enjoyed it?  Very well done”.  I glowed with pride, and was just glad that Susie hadn’t noticed how I had cum in my pretty pink panties. 
So I was meant to like mens cummies now?  It seemed as if it was now a good thing. I didn’t mind taking Michael’s thing in my mouth as much as I thought I might and the cummies weren’t too awful either. Susie promised I would get lots of practice from now on.  It was still very confusing for a little sissy like me.  Good job I have Susie to guide me.

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