Friday, 6 July 2012

The spare room

It didn’t seem fair that I had to move into the spare bedroom.  We had always shared a kingsize double bed together.  It was true I had never been very good for her in the way of sex, with a very small dick and a tendency to cum prematurely; what Jane called my little dribble.  Of course now that Jane had asked me to wear matching panties and baby doll night gowns in bed I felt like sex even less.  It was gorgeous just cuddling in bed as I felt the soft delicate materials caress my skin.  It made me feel all tingly inside. 
Jane had explained it to me very patiently.  She told me that she had needs as well, and although she loved our cuddles she needed a real man to fuck her every so often.  She wanted to bring a man home who could give her what she wanted and needed and what I couldn’t give her; someone muscular and powerful and masculine and would take her like a real man takes a woman.   And as she explained she could hardly bring someone home when I shared a bedroom with her.
I couldn’t get my head round this at all.  I knew everything she said was true, but it took some coming to terms with.  The spare room had always been somewhere to chuck junk in and was cold, small and a mess.  “Don’t be silly Darling, I’ve got someone to come and redecorate it. It’ll be lovely”.  I looked doubtful and showed it.  But Jane looked severe and when that happened there was no arguing with her, and you just had to get on and make the best of things.
I knew that the decorators were coming in that day so I wasn’t surprised when Jane grabbed me by the hand as I came in the door with a commanding “come and look darling”.  The room had been transformed from a dingy store cupboard to a vision in pink and white; pink walls, pink curtains, pink carpet.  The two items of furniture that really hit you when you walked in was the bed dressed with a pink spotty duvet and lacy pillows, and the vanity unit with a pink mirror with an array of makeup and other pots and potions sitting on the top.  Jane grabbed me by the hand and showed me the contents of the drawers; one had panties in every conceivable shape and form, another bras, another stockings and garters and other girly bits and pieces.  The cupboard had skirts and dresses hanging there.
I was very uncertain and my face betrayed me.  In fact I think I might have started crying if Jane hadn’t put her pouty look on.  “You might look more pleased about it darling, I have spent ages getting this room just right for you, and buying in all these  girly things for you. You’ll just love wearing them I know”.  I pulled myself together and smiled and tried to look happy, because it would have been awful if I upset Jane.  “Good”, she said, “I’ll leave you to get acquainted with your room darling.  Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable and come and join me in a minute.  How about these? ” she said laying a pink panty and bra set and a matching pale pink lace trimmed gown on the bed, before she left.
I lay there and took stock.  I didn’t want to be in the spare room at all but Jane was the kind of woman who just wouldn’t be challenged. I knew that I always went along with her plans in the end.  I felt the material on the gown and the panties and bra and how smooth they were. Perhaps wearing them wouldn’t be so bad after all as they would be so smooth against the skin.  As I felt them I began to come to terms with the spare room and as I hurriedly took off my work things and began putting the lingerie on I was just beginning to be more positive about the whole thing.  After all the panties and bra and gown felt absolutely adorable.


  1. Dear Sarah Jayne,

    This little tale says so much. The dilemna of being a sissy. We love these women. Really, deep inside, we wish we were these women - almost. We hang on to our "maleness," and yet we aren't. Not really. Thanks for the lovely story.



  2. I agree with Leeanne, delicious tale, very feminine and sissy. Anyone with common sense loves this tale. Well, Sissy husbands are in a trance. Is the dream of every Sissy husband have a wife like this. Congratulations Sarah

    1. Thank you Claudia and Leeanne for your kind comments. Kisses, Sarah Jayne xx

  3. Omg... this is a great story, and the pictures help bring it to life. Such dilemmas! :)
    Hug, Sara

    1. Sara, Thank you so much for your kind words. Kisses, Sarah Jayne xx