Thursday, 5 July 2012

That look

I always knew that Jane had something special in store for me when she gave me that look.  She seemed to see into my very soul.  I was never sure whether it was a look of disdain or one figuring out the best way to use my body for her pleasure. 

Sometimes the look was a prelude to a spanking as I draped myself over her stockinged legs and she walloped my backside with all her energy while shouting a litany of my misdemeanours. 

Sometimes it was a sign of a more pleasurable evening that would see my head buried in the lovely cocoon that was her enveloping legs, while using my tongue to thoroughly worship her pussy.  She would expertly use her knees to time my efforts, dragging my head backwards before she was overcome.  This made the whole experience last several hours, but then she could hold back no longer and would thrust her pussy at my mouth and ride my head as if she were an uncontrollable force of nature. 

Of course whether it was a spanking or an evening pleasuring Jane I always seemed to cum in my panties very quickly.  And sometimes it was just the look that made me cum.


  1. love your blog, you have some hot pics on here, you know what to choose, classy xx

    1. Jenny, Thank you very much for your kind words. Kisses, Sarah Jayne xx

  2. Dear Sarah Jayne,

    Ah yes! The look! We sissies become attuned to "The Look." Women have such a power over us that they can usually convey what they expect without even a word. Just "The Look."