Monday, 16 July 2012

Time for bed

“Go on then, just put it on. No one will know. I know you want to”, said Anne my wife holding out a beautiful pink baby doll night gown. 
I’d had just about enough.  “No, I won’t wear it and you can’t make me”, I protested bitterly, trying to hold back the tears.  At that moment I was full of self-pity about the situation I had found myself in.
“So you won’t wear it? I suppose next you are going to tell me that you were forced to wear the lovely pink panties that go with this night gown when you went to work this morning?  That you didn’t want to wear them underneath your suit?”
It was true. I was wearing the panties and had been for several days.  But I hadn’t wanted to.  Anne had been working on me for weeks.  She wouldn’t let me touch her in bed without panties on, let alone have sex.  She said she hated the feel of my boy bits in bed rubbing against her and she would only allow us to cuddle if I started to wear her panties.  That was how it started.  It hadn’t been such a hardship as no one would know and the panties did feel wonderful against my skin.  I was soon used to wearing panties in bed.
It progressed to wearing panties at work under my suit after several weeks of her not allowing me to cum.  I wanted to so much and it had been so long since I had that it was so good whenever Anne put her hand round what she called my ‘sissy clit’ to help me to masturbate.  It wasn’t a dick at all it was so small she said and as for the pathetic dribble it produced, well it was hardly enough to satisfy a woman like her she used to tell me as she moved her hand up and down.  When the night before last she refused to masturbate me or let me masturbate myself, I was in tears and almost begging her to let me cum. It had been six long days since I had had any relief at all.   I don’t know how it happened, but within 15 minutes she had me begging to be allowed to wear panties to work and round the house.  It was then she had taken me over the edge as I screamed “please let me wear your lovely pink panties mummy”. 
It was so embarrassing to think of how it happened, and how when I got up and went to put some boxers on over the next few days she was there. “Haven’t you forgotten something sweetie”, she would say holding that days pink panties creation.
Now she wanted to have me wear a night dress as well.  I stood there and stared at her and pouted, although I must have looked a sight as I had already undressed and stood there with nothing but the pink panties on.  “I won’t do it and that is final”, I said angrily and at that point I burst into tears.
Anne came over and gave me a cuddle. “Oh you poor dear”, and pushed my head into her breasts, as she stoked and spoke soothingly to me as we both sat on the edge of the bed.  What she told me I thought was probably right.  I had enjoyed wearing the panties; she could see even then my little sissy clit poking over the elastic lining of the panties.  She was right that I hadn’t been forced and that I had enjoyed our cuddles together in bed.  And she said she would enjoy it more if I wore the night dress and that I would be more of an experience for her if she could give me a cuddle in the night dress.  Looking at it that way I supposed I could if I was doing it for her. 
When she put her hand round my sissy clit and told me that we could have a wonderful time if I wore the night dress, it was then I just held my arms out high and let her slip it over my head.  We were soon in bed together having a cuddle and in no time at all my cummies were filling the lovely pink panties.  It was wonderful.  It was where this would all lead that really worried me.


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    1. Thank you once again for your kind words, Leeanne **giving a quick curtsey*** kisses, Sarah Jayne xxx

  2. I loved the bed dress, Sarah.
    You are a sissy adorable, very sweet. Love how you and your wife love each other.
    Sweet kisses.

    1. Thank you so much Claudia. I feel so lucky getting such kind words and encouragement for my efforts. Kisses, Sarah Jayne xx