Monday, 20 August 2012

On holiday

I'm on holiday for the next few weeks so there won't be any posts here for a while.  See you all back bright eyed and bushy tailed in September.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I needed to cum so desperately. I would have done anything Sarah said as she expertly played with my cock bringing me to the point of explosion before calming it down again.  Her hand was inside my pink panties, which barely fitted around my bottom and straining cock.  Sarah was now whispering in my ear.  “Just tell me how much you like wearing my panties and bra and you can cum?  Just tell me how you want to wear them for me all the time?”
“Yes”, I almost shouted.
“Yes what?”
“Yes please Mistress Sarah. Please allow me to wear your panties and bras.  Pleeeaaasseeee Mistress”, and with that I exploded into the panties drenching them with cum.  Sarah smiled and leant over and patted me on the head.  “Good girl”.
I had known Sarah and Andrew for some time and had always suspected that Sarah fancied me.  So when she invited me over to help her clear out the garden shed at a time Andrew was particularly busy at work, I wasn’t too surprised when we ended up in her and Andrew’s bedroom kissing and groping one another. What was a surprise was how she began to masturbate me and while doing so persuaded me to wear little pink panties. 
That was a number of weeks ago now and we had descended into dress up sessions almost every day.  She would persuade me into all sorts of little bitty girly things; stockings and garters, bras, corsets, petticoats, and a selection of high heels, makeup, wigs, perfume, jewellery.  She insisted I had to go home wearing panties under my trousers, and although at first I thought it was a bit kinky, I now looked forward to our dress up sessions.
The surprising thing was that Sarah never let me penetrate her. She would slip her hand round my cock and help me to masturbate, and once or twice she made me crawl on the bed and lick her pussy, although this was always through her panties which she never took off.  But for me this seemed OK. I would have liked to fuck her, but anything she wanted was alright by me.  It was kind of exciting wearing her things and calling her Mistress.
It was while I was modelling a complete outfit for Sarah one afternoon, complete with pretty silk and lace panties and bra, little tennis skirt and crop top, with stay up white stockings and white heels, that I heard the front door open and close.  I froze. Andrew was home and here I was dressed up in women’s clothing in his bedroom with his wife.  Andrew came into the bedroom and stopped and smiled.  Sarah went to him and put her hands round his neck and kissed him.  “He is ready”, she said.   
I just stood there open mouthed and stared at them.  There was a sudden realisation that this had been pre-arranged.    “Come here sissy and say hello to your new Master”, said Sarah taking my hand and almost dragging me across the room.  I couldn’t look at him; with my face pointed downwards towards the floor I just mumbled “hello”.  Sarah then started to explain. I was barely listening or understanding what she was saying.  The little I could understand was that Sarah had never fancied me but Andrew had.  And if the photographs of the dress up session weren’t going to be released I was going to be Andrew’s girl for the night. 
I didn’t have much choice and Sarah gently but firmly pushed me down to my knees in front of Andrew.  She reached in and brought out from the trousers an enormous and erect cock.  “Take it sissy. Lick it. Taste it. You will like it”, said Sarah as it bobbed in front of me. It pushed against my lips. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend this wasn’t happening to me.  With no options available I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out rubbing it against the underside of his cock.  I heard a murmur of “Good girl” from Sarah, and I gradually ran my tongue over and up and down his cock.  “Now take it in your mouth”, and there I was suddenly with the tip of the cock in my mouth.  The next few minutes were a whirl as I began to take more and more into my mouth as the cock bobbed in and out, while Sarah continued to encourage and Andrew began to make mmmm sounds. He was clearly enjoying and soon enough I could feel his cock come to attention and his thick cum hit the back of my throat.
That night I lay in their bed facing Sarah who kissed my face and continued to tell me what a good girl I had been while Andrew lay sleeping behind me. I could still feel his cock pressed up against the crack in my bottom, pushing the silky material of my panties into my bum crack.  I’m not sure how I had got into this situation, but it seemed from what Sarah was saying that this wouldn’t be the last night that I would be coming round for a sleepover.

Monday, 13 August 2012

A choice of afternoon activity

“So sissy the choice is yours.  You can either fuck me like a real man this afternoon or you can choose to borrow my panties to wear instead.  Don’t you want to stick your boy bits in my pussy?”
I was confused.  It would be nice to make love to Sam, but I knew what a disappointment I had always been in bed.  Could I really face the humiliation that I would suffer when I couldn’t cum inside her or my little sissy clit dribbled before I had even started?
I looked at the panties she was holding out.  I knew they would be nice to wear as well.  They would feel so nice up against my sissy clit. Last time I had worn her panties Sam had praised me and told me how pretty I looked and had whispered what she would like to do with her little sissy’s ass. I first of all felt proud that Sam felt like that about me.  And she soon had me  cumming  in the panties like I had never cum before.
Slowly I reached out and took the panties.  Sam smiled to suggest that she knew all along what choice I was going to make.  I sheepishly stepped into them and drew them up my legs.

Sharing like sisters

I had never been much of a husband. After being married for 10 years there wasn’t much to talk about and we barely exchanged the time of day.  But once I had begun on my sissy journey we started to be more like close sisters than husband and wife.
It didn’t happen immediately.  I thought that Cheryl suggesting that I wear her panties in bed while making love was just a little something to spice up our dwindling love life. And it did.  Once I had moved onto the nighties and bras, and stockings, and petticoats our love life improved significantly, and soon we sharing a wardrobe.
I couldn’t wait to put her panties on or pick out a dress of an evening, and Cheryl was so helpful in advising on what to wear, helping me fix my makeup and how to behave and act like a woman.  This all excited me considerably, but what I hadn’t noticed was that myself and Cheryl began to be closer than we had been for years.
We used to go out together as a couple of girlfriends. Our conversation and activity seemed to revolve around shopping, fashion, gossip and most of all men.   It was often when we went out to lunch and began to get tipsy and began to giggle that we both started flirting outrageously with waiters and other men in the restaurant.  We were a couple of party girls that was for sure.
It was at a disco one night that Cheryl met Brad. Would I mind if she brought him home with us?  He was kind of cute and he kissed and used his wandering hands with both of us as we got a taxi home. 
The action started almost as soon as we were home and Cheryl was on her knees taking his not inconsiderable cock in her mouth. I’m not exactly what came over me, but soon I was kneeling next to her.  Cheryl didn’t seem to mind and nor did Brad. 
So there we were sharing like sisters. And since Brad has moved in we often dress in matching baby doll night gowns and join Brad in bed for as much sex as Brad can handle. On a sisterly sharing basis of course.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

'Boys' night out

 It was Samantha, my wife who had the idea of getting the 'boys' together again.  We had often had 'boys nights out' in the olden days, but since then - well lets just say things aren't quite like they were before. 

It was great getting together to chat and soon the sitting room was filled with girly laughter and chatter.  Bobby told us all about his shopping trips, and the new wardrobe that Cheryl had bought him.  In fact he modelled a couple of outfits for us. He was simply charming. 

The conversation was soon on clothes and boys and we were soon giggling as soon as Beth mentioned how big his wife's new boyfriend was in the cock department. He had us all in stitches with one story after another.

Then we were caught up with trying to comfort Pammy as he told us about his wife's boyfriends.  We had all experienced something of the same, but it seemed to affect poor Pammy more than the rest of us.  In fact Beth had to give Pammy a cuddle and after that I think it was more than a comfort he was giving him as they both started making out on the sofa.  Watching these two lovely sissys kissing and cuddling, and soon grabbing at each others bras and panties made quite a sight and made my pretty panties very damp indeed. 
I hope the 'boys' can come round again soon.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I need to be a sissy

I need to feel pretty
I need to feel feminine
I need to wear pretty pink panties
I need to wear stockings
I need to wear high heels
I need to wear the shortest skirts
I need to feel girly
I need to feel sexy
I need to look sexy
I need Master to want me
I need him to get hard looking at me
I need him to take me in his arms
I need him to give me his cock
I need him to cum over me
I need to be his sissy girl
Please Sir, make me your sissy girl.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A present

Sir has bought me a new dress and it is simply adorable

A sissy who can't wait

 My Mistress had always taught me how to satisfy Master and his men friends. She had taught me how to suck their cocks, and how to bring their cocks back to life again and again.  She had always taught me to wait for Master or his other men friends to initiate any contact. Like all sissys I should be obedient and submissive.

I guess I'm a very poor sissy, because sometimes I can't wait for Master or his men friends. Some times I just have to sit on their laps and kiss them before I have been given the command to do so.  I sometimes have to reach into their pants and feel their lovely cock before they are ready.  You see I can't always control myself and Mistress says that I am just a greedy sissy.  It is one of my worse faults.  But I do love the feel and smell of a man and it always makes my little sissy panties wet with the thought.   I just can't wait.