Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oh, Sir

Master asked me to look for his watch that he had dropped down the side of his bed.  I climbed on the bed and put my hand down the other side to feel for it, only vaguely aware that my pink panties were visible to Master who was standing behind me.  I couldn’t find the watch, but I did find that Master’s hand had found its way to my bottom and that he was running his finger inside the gusset of my pink panties. I didn’t move. Moving would have meant that Master would stop and I didn’t want that. I wanted him to continue; I let out a soft moan as his fingers began to rub my little sissy clit. With my head pushed downwards onto the bed and my bottom sticking up making myself available to Master’s ministrations I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could feel the glorious warmth of his hand on my bottom as he hooked his fingers inside my panties and began to draw them down.  It was then that I felt something else that wasn’t his hand. “Oh, Sir” was all I could manage to say.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Caught on camera

When she asked me to fetch something from the car I could have died. Go outside dressed like this; I couldn't. Then she got all pouty and insistent.  I knew that in the end I was going to have to do it and hope there was no one in the neighbourhood watching.  It was only a few yards up the drive after all.  Yet as soon as I was outside the front door there was our next door neighbour Frank waiting there with his camera. It was almost as if he had been waiting for me......

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The warmup act?

I was very unhappy about getting dressed in front of Charlie, her new friend.  It was all very well her telling me not to be embarrassed, but she didn't have to put her panties on while Charlie sat there.  He seemed to be rubbing his bits as I got dressed; he certainly didn't take his eyes off me the whole time.  I even thought I saw her start rubbing the front of Charlie's trousers as I slipped into the pink panties and put the pink bra over my new boy breasts.  The pink skirt was simply gorgeous, but trying to put it on while they both sat on the sofa watching me was terribly uncomfortable.  I do believe my face must almost have matched my costume.  When I had finished and gave her and Charlie a quick curtsey, they gave me a short round of applause and then began kissing.  Soon afterwards she took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom.  I felt a bit like the warmup act.  But at least I got to wear the skirt I had wanted to wear for such an age.

Monday, 24 September 2012

A sissy's day

Master went to work so very early this morning.  He gave me a kiss goodbye – I wanted to make it more and tempt him back to bed – but he just said that I was an evil sissy and that he had to go.  What was I going to do all day without him?  I hated it when he went so early.

I had tidied up, completed the laundry and ordered the food delivery from the online store. It was still only 9am. I was missing him so much.
I went to the wardrobe and took in the smell of him from one of his suits. His after shave made my sissy clit excited. I decided that perhaps a little dress-up session would pass the time.  Unfortunately I got a little over excited!

It was still only lunchtime.  I looked longingly out of the window for him even though I knew he wouldn’t be in until at least 7pm.
I fell asleep for a little while and then played dress-up again, preparing myself for when he came home. What would he like?  Would he be able to resist in this panty and bra set. 
Oh why wasn’t he here?  I so wanted him and shed a few tears in my self-pity. 
At last the day was over I saw him parking the car from the Window and charged to the door to greet him.  I was determined to make his evening one that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Clean up time

I have been so lucky to have a wife so kind and understanding. Even when she began to insist on me dressing in her panties and bras, and later on in skirts, tops, stockings and high heels, she has always been so patient with me. I know I have never been able to satisfy her in bed, but she always pretended to enjoy it and to comfort me afterwards when I was upset.  I would sob uncontrollably, but she always cuddled up close to me and told me how much she loved me and that it didn’t matter that I could only produce a little bit of a dribble from my man bits.  She was lovely.
But recently I didn’t know what to think. She began sleeping with men and coming back at all times of the night.  She would always wake me to tell me all about what had happened as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  I don’t know what I felt as I cuddled up to her; sometimes wide eyed amazement at the things she was telling me, sometimes real pain at the thought of her with someone else. Sometimes I cried silently and sometimes my little sissy clitty got hard hearing the things she got up to.
This evening I could hardly believe what she was asking me to do.  I awoke and she cuddled up as usual and told me about her ‘date’.  This evening she made me hard as anything and she reached inside my panties and put her hand round my bits as she told me about it.  When she had finished she whispered in my ear; “Please sweetie would you lick me in my special place?  Please my little one?”
 I wasn’t sure what to do or say.  I was getting very excited and couldn’t think clearly at all.  She had been so nice to me that it would seem to be so heartless of me to refuse her anything. I nodded.  She quickly removed the panties she had worn that evening, and without removing her skirt or any of her other clothes she turned round and slowly lowered herself towards me.  As she did so I could see the gooey mess in her clitty, some of it dripping down.  My mind raced, but it was too late now.  She settled herself just above my face and I put my tongue out to catch the first of the man’s cum.  As I did so she lowered herself further and I reached up and began to suck on her clitty.  “Good girl”, she gasped as I set to work.

Monday, 17 September 2012

First cock

“Jackie and Brian, may I introduce you to Sissy. Sissy has been looking forward to your visit.  In fact she has been trying on clothes all afternoon trying to decide which ones you like.  I will have to tell Sissy off later; her room is simply a mess with panties and bras and skirts and tops all over the floor. “
“Yes, Brian she decided on this ensemble herself.  Yes, she is rather adorable. Please turn round and show Jackie and Brian your outfit.  Now do so again please, but this time raise the front of your skirt so Jackie and Brian can see your panties.  Yes, the lacy pink panties are adorable. They are Sissy’s favourites.”
“Now then Sissy as you know Brian has come to introduce you to cock.  Don’t blush so Sissy; you know you have been fantasising about this moment for months. Honestly Jackie he has been day dreaming all week about Brian’s visit.  He simply couldn’t stop cumming in his panties.”
“Don’t stand there like a blushing violet. Give Brian a kiss”
“Yes, isn’t he cute.  The way he had to stand on tip toe to kiss Brian was ever so sweet and the way he swung his leg back.  Come and sit down both of you; please take a chair.”
“Sissy please sit on Brians lap. Brian please play with her as much as you like. She loves having her new titties played with.”
“Yes, Sissy of course you must take your top off so that Brian has full access to your breasts. Sissy is so proud of her new titties, Jackie and they are ever so sensitive.”
“Sissy don’t look like that.  Well of course you are able to feel Brian’s cock as you sit on him. What do you expect when you squirm around on Brian’s lap?”
“Yes, Brian feel free to put your hands into Sissy’s panties. She likes that.  Oh you can tell that can you. Be careful though you will have her squirting into her panties in no time”.
“Look at these two giggling lovebirds, Jackie.  Sissy simply loves being played with, but I think it is nearly time for her first full cock don’t you think?  Oh yes, we have been doing cock training for weeks and she has been so receptive.”
“Stand up now Sissy.  Now curtsey to Brian and ask him to allow you to suck his cock.  That’s very good.”
“You see that Brian is opening his trousers for you.  So what are you waiting for Sissy? Down on your knees and take him in your mouth”.
“Oh Jackie I can see she is really enjoying this. The way she is bobbing up and down.  Sissy has such potential as a cock sucker.  I can see Brian is enjoying it as well.”
“In fact Brian is about to cum.  Now then Sissy please swallow all Brians cum.  Good Girl! What a performance!  Many congratulations Sissy, you certainly deserve the round of applause!”
“What’s that Sissy? Can Brian come over to play with you again?  Well I should think so.  Brian, are you free on Thursday?”

Show off

“It’s these skirts that you make me wear”, I complained.  “I only have to raise my leg a little bit and everyone can see my panties”.
Suzy’s reply was quick and to the point. “And why shouldn’t everyone see your panties.  They are such sweet, sissy panties. And you are such a sweet and adorable sissy.  I want to show you off sweetie.  Yes, all of you including your panties.”

Thursday, 13 September 2012

A friend round to play

My friend Frankie came round this afternoon to see how i was getting on.  I hadn't had all my operations yet.  Frankie  said not to worry if i couldn't cum any longer; i could always please my wife, Suzy in other ways. Frankie was such a comfort that i could kiss and hug him.  In fact i did and we ended up together in the spare room. i do love Frankie and hope he comes round to play more often.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Making myself presentable

I hope she hadn't seen.  She was always most particular that I should be 'presentable' at all times and if she had seen that one of my garter straps was loose there would have been hell to pay. 

Last time she had caught me with a run in one of my stockings, and my head is still ringing from her shouting. That evening she had made me stand in the corner of her bedroom as a punishment and watch while she and her new boyfriend, Neville, fucked. But when she saw that my little sissy clit stood on end and made a very unsightly bulge in my pretty pink sissy panties, she ordered me from the room. From then on she found the only way to punish me was a very aggressive spanking.

That was when she made me start wearing these very short skirts. At any time of day she was likely to bend me over and inspect my panties and stockings.  It wasn't as if I didn't like these inspections; in fact having her hand touching me on the bottom, or on the flesh between stocking tops and panties, gave me something of a thrill. It was the spankings that I could do without.