Monday, 22 October 2012

The 'cum for me' game

“Cum for me little one.    Feel your breasts around the lacy bra. Feel the lacy pink panties encasing your sissy clit.  Stroke your sissy clit and cum for me.
Imagine you are being filled with a cock.  Your man is hard for you. Feel that cock.  Put your hands round it.  Kiss the tip. Can you see how that pleases him?  Suck it. Go on little one suck it and please your man.  Can you feel the cock throbbing? Is he about to cum? He is about to cum isn’t he little one?
Cum with him little one, cum at the same time. Take his sperm in your mouth and cum for me. Fill your pink panties with your cum.  That’s it.
And do it NOW!