Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Meeting a real man

Come in little one, don’t be afraid.  That’s it right into the middle of the living room. Let Bruce see what you look like.
Forgive me my manners.  You remember Bruce don’t you little one?  Yes, that’s right he was the one that came and fucked me last week. He has the most extraordinary cock and knows just what to do with it, don’t you Bruce?
I was just telling Bruce how you licked me clean afterwards. I loved the way you sucked up Bruce’s cum with such enthusiasm.  You did like that didn’t you little one?
Don’t mumble sissy. Please reply loud and clear. Say yes Mistress I loved sucking up Bruce’s cum.  That’s better.   Well you never know you might get another chance this evening.
Don’t you think she is adorable Bruce?  Yes her pretty pink maids uniform is rather fetching and the fuck me pink heels go nicely.  Lift up your skirt sissy – let Bruce see your adorable panties.  Yes, she is dressed all in pink from her panties and bra to the ribbon in her hair.
Now then please introduce yourself to Bruce.  First of all curtsey for him.  That’s very good little one. Now come and sit on his lap.  No of course he won’t mind.  Don’t be afraid come and sit on Bruce’s lap.  Well done little one.
What’s that little one? You can feel Bruce’s cock? Of course you can. Bruce has a proper man’s cock rather than the puny specimen you have. And of course if you squirm around on Bruce’s lap he will of course get excited.  But its pushing into your panties?  Well if Bruce wants to do that I should just enjoy it. 
Oh for goodness sake stop squirming around on Bruce’s lap.  Oh dear I knew this might happen. Look Bruce at her panties. She has cum in them yet again.  Sissy go to your room immediately and clean yourself up and present yourself back here in 5 minutes.  I want you to see how a real man treats his women.