Friday, 22 February 2013

She promised me a ribbon....

Madam promised me a ribbon for my hair if I would.  It was a bright pink ribbon and I would have done anything to have it.    I hope Madam will make me earn another ribbon soon.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013

A sharing sissy

When my friend Frankie comes round we love to play dress up.  I love sharing my nightie sets and Frankie just loves to use my makeup. 


I was lying in bed listening to my wife Sandy entertaining her latest boyfriend.  The primeval grunts and screams of pleasure permeated the thin walls and left me alone with my very mixed up thoughts. 
It had been fun when it started and I had enjoyed putting on panties and bras and stockings and suspenders, heels and camisoles and all the fancy clothes.  Sandy had insisted but she didn’t meet much resistance from me. I loved feeling feminine, weak, biddable, and as the weeks went on and I became almost the domestic maid, I couldn’t remember a happier time in my life.  I had reservations about moving out of ‘our’ bedroom and into the ‘spare’ room but once Sandy had the decorators in and made it a pink feminine boudoir with clothes in the wardrobe that I would die for, it wasn’t too much of a wrench.
But now she was enjoying herself with other men.  I had sat and cried myself to sleep when it started happening, but now I liked to listen.  And I couldn’t work out why but my little sissy clit would stand up on end whenever I heard her.  I could imagine them together in bed, and my thoughts had begun thinking about Sandy and how much she was enjoying herself.  But more recently I had been thinking more about John.  What was it like to feel his cock ?  Inside me deep inside me?  I would imagine what it was like and hug my little baby doll night dress as the images went through my head, my little clit pushing up against my pink satin sissy panties.
It was as they came to a climax that so did I.  My imagination had been intent on John entering me, pushing himself inside me, filling me up.  And as the sound of John next door doing exactly that to my wife, I came and came.  Wet panties once more.