Wednesday, 17 April 2013


When we married I was painfully shy.  In fact it always amazes me that I got married at all, but when Julie told me that that was what we were going to do, like everything else I just went along with it.  My life seemed to be taken over as if by a worldwind.  Julie took control of more or less everything; she arranged the wedding, bought the apartment where we were to live, took over the paying of the bills, and drove the car whenever we went out.  She was 100% in control.
It may seem odd to some people but after six months or so of marriage Julie suggested I start wearing panties.  It started one day when she told me she didn’t want my bits flopping about when we were in bed together; so she suggested I slip on her panties. They were pink and lacy, but I had been married long enough to Julie to know that what she suggested went.  After pulling them on they didn’t feel too bad; in fact I rather liked their silky feel from the first.  Soon I was wearing panties every night and one morning Julie suggested that I should wear them to work as well.  Soon my regular boxers were replaced by panties, bras, slips, stockings, garters and a range of feminine attire.  I didn’t seem to mind even if I had had a choice about it.
Those days seem so distant now that today I am Julie’s cook, cleaner, housekeeper, maid, and sissy plaything.  My new breasts have filled me out and the hormones have so affected my shape that not only do I pass as a woman but get considerable attention from men.  I flirt and make eyes at them and lead them on terribly.  In fact as Julie pointed out just the other day I am probably a more confident and composed as a sissy than I ever was as a man.

Men are beasts

Men are such beasts.  When Madam invited round two of her boyfriends for the evening they spent all their time pawing at me.   It started when I served them drinks; one just rubbed his hand against my stockings, while another put his hand on my bottom.  By the time I came back for refills the hands had wandered up under my skirt and around my cute pink panties.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like the attention; they were both very good looking boys.  But it was Madam they were annoying.  “Now then boys, you are meant to be giving me your attention”, complained Madam and she stared at me with one of her ‘I’ll sort you out later looks’.  I knew that I was in for a spanking that evening, and it wasn’t my fault.