Monday, 24 March 2014

You silly girl they are far too big.....

I begged Madam for weeks to allow me to have the surgery.  And at last she let me and I had my own breasts at last.  When I got home from the clinic Madam was appalled.  "You silly girl they are much too big".   Admittedly none of my lovely pink bras fitted any longer. But how could breasts be too big?  I just didn't understand.

Lipstick lessons

Madam always demands that my lipstick is perfect - just like her own.

Friday, 14 March 2014

OOHH so pretty and pink|

Not in control now

My wife had always been in control.  When she made me wear her panties; when she made me shop for my own; when she made me her sissy wearing all sorts of pretty pink slips and stockings; when she made me give up my job and be her live in sissy maid.  She had always been severe as well.  She had never been afraid of getting her hair brush out and giving me 20 spanks on my pink pantied bottom.  But when she started inviting her boyfriends back...well....she wasn't in quite so much control then.