Tuesday, 13 May 2014

More panties to wash

The only problem I encountered when my wife started making me wear panties was the washing.  I seemed to make my panties wet three or four times a day.  Good fun for a sissy, but an awful lot of washing!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Spank me please!

I hadn’t liked it to begin with.  She would hold my wrist and pull me towards her and throw me over her lap.  She would do this in one motion which would result in my arms and legs flailing in all directions, but result in me being bent over her in a most vulnerable position. 

For some reason she was much stronger and more powerful than me these days; it was as if the panties, stockings, bra and lacy dress that I had become accustomed to wearing had made me a weak and feeble sissy girl.  As I struggled on her lap she would hold me down with one firm hand in the small of my back while with the other she thrust the hem of my dress upwards revealing my panties and stocking tops.  And then her hand would come down from such a great height and land on my pantied bottom with such a slap that the sound seemed to echo round the room. 

I would cry out and struggle even more, but as her hand came down in a regular rhythm and the hand in the small of my back became more like a vice I seemed to give up and just emit small sobbing cries and big thick tears.  Why was she so mean to me?  Why did she have to make my bottom as pink as my panties?

Afterwards she would make me get up, curtsey and say, “thank you Madam for my spanking. I will try to be a good girl in future”.

Nowadays I seem to like my spankings more.  I seem to have got used to the pain, and after all the thought of bending over Mistresses lap and feeling my panties rub against the top of her skirt and stockings makes my little sissy clit get very excited. Maybe it is because this is the only close contact I get with my Mistress, since she banished me to the spare room, and her boyfriend moved in.  Looking but no touching is the order of the day.  Somehow the spankings are what passes for intimacy between us now.

So whenever I get called for my spankings I now curtsey, smile, and say “spank me please Madam” and afterwards I say “thank you Madam for my spanking.” The difference is now  I really mean it!

I can't quite believe it

Even though my wife has had me dressing as a sissy for months now I still can't quite believe what has happened to me.  I still have to lift the hem of my skirt to look at my pretty stocking tops and panties every now and again.  And I get a thrill of pleasure every time I do so.