Monday, 12 June 2017

Please allow me to wear a skirt

i couldn't believe it when i found out.  She (who must be obeyed) wanted me to spend the entire day without a skirt; just wearing a blouse, some knee length stockings and a pair of white silky panties.   i felt so vulnerable, even more so when everyone in the house seemed to feel free to run their hand over my pantied bottom.  Sir felt my bottom and then gave it a hard slap that brought a tear to my eye and sent him off chuckling.   i grabbed an apron from the kitchen to hide whatever i could, but it wasn't any use. By mid-afternoon i was on my knees before Madame.  "Please madame. Please allow me to wear a skirt".


  1. Consider yourself fortunate that She allowed you to wear panties!!! She could have left your little clitty out there for all to see and laugh at!!!!
    The apron is an adorable touch too!!!

  2. This is so pretty. And such a fun setup. It reminds me of some of the eariest images and stories i saw that awakened the sissy in me. Thankyou