Friday, 27 April 2012

First date

“Oh Darling, how wonderful!  Your first date with a boy.  I am so pleased for you.  How exciting.  Aren’t you excited dear?  Don’t look so glum.  That’s better.  Now just keep that smile. Now there is no time to lose.  What are you going to wear?  Let’s have a look – lingerie first”
“No dear you can’t wear the plain cotton ones.  This is a date and Nigel won’t want to see you in plain cotton panties”
“What do you mean Nigel won’t see your panties?  This is a date and you will have to make some effort to keep your man entertained.  If Nigel wants to see your panties, Missy, you will certainly let him.   Ah, here is the right pair.  Red Satin.  And I believe that you have a matching bra?  Put them on then girl – no time to lose.”
“Now then what else?  Stockings and suspenders of course.  Men always like stockings and suspenders.  Missy please take that look off your face.  You WILL be wearing the black stockings, your lovely black suspender belt with the little red rose motif, and your red high heels”.
“Missy, of course you won’t look like a whore.  Now then where is that gorgeous short wrap around skirt – yes here it is.  And the low cut blouse with the wonderful frilly edge”
“Missy please stop those tears immediately.  I’m not particularly worried if Nigel will be able to see almost everything wearing that skirt.    You know Nigel.  He doesn’t have a lot of imagination.  With that outfit he won’t need much of one.  Now quickly girl – put them on”
“Now don’t start crying again.  Now come here and we’ll choose shoes for you.  Yes, the red stillettos will do nicely.   Missy please stop telling me that you will look like a whore.   You certainly don’t want a spanking before going out do you? Nigel won’t want to see a bottom that is all black and blue.  No, so settle yourself down.”
“Now there is just time to do something with your hair and makeup before Nigel and Frank get here.  Come and sit at the vanity and I’ll help you, but for goodness sake dry those eyes.”
“Frank?  Didn’t I say?  When Nigel takes you out Frank is coming round to keep me company.  In fact hurry up girl because I need to get ready as well, although I don’t think it will be a matter of me dressing up as taking a few things off.”
“Oh don’t take on so Missy.  You know Frank has always fancied me, and I need to spend some time with a real man occasionally sweety.  After all I do love you, but you have never been able to give me what Frank can, have you little one? “
“Don’t look so shocked Missy.  I think it is quite sweet that we will be taking a cock from our men at about the same time”.
“There is the doorbell – they are here.  Now run a long sweety and for goodness sake smile.  Nigel won’t want to look at a face like that while cumming over you.  Enjoy sweety and we can compare notes when you get back”

Sir's sweet little sissy

Do I really look like that?