Monday, 25 March 2013

Office slut

It had begun with an odd hand on the knee, or a squeeze of my side.  Jenny, my wife, said that I had asked for it wearing such short skirts in the office where everyone could see my stocking tops.  But I enjoyed dressing like that and enjoyed the attention I got from the senior partners.  But when John Henry started paying me attention well how could I resist.
He was strong and handsome and all the girls would swoon when he walked in.  But when he got close to me he would touch my elbow or my side, as if my accident at first.  He must have known of my reputation.  Whenever occasion arose I would try and get close to him and he was soon moving his hand up my leg in the skirt direction.  After a fortnight I could feel his hand on my bottom and it was only a short distance from there to taking dictation from him while sat on his lap. How I giggled and squirmed and made eyes at him.
It was when the other senior secretary Mavis came in to the office and found me kneeling under his desk with my mouth full that things really took off.  All the males in the building were making a beeline for my office and boy did I enjoy it.

I'm bored...please come and play with me

Please Sir...........

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

His sissy

Panties – bra – stockings – high heels – make up – feeling soft – feeling weak – feeling powerless – feeling girly – feeling him – his powerful chest – his powerful arms wrapped around me – his hands on my bottom – his hands on my girly breasts – feeling his breath – smelling his after shave – feeling the hardness – feeling his cock – looking into his eyes – rubbing his cock – feeling I am his girl – wanting to please him – wanting to make him cum – sucking – hmmm – sucking -  taking his cock – spurting, cumming, tasting his sperm – being his girl – being his sissy – feeling safe and protected – lying in bed with his arms round me

Monday, 18 March 2013

Inspection time

I was pretty happy to undergo inspection this week.  When I had had wet panties three times in the last fortnight it had been very unpleasant; my bottom was red raw for days.   Now I made sure my panties were always dry by changing just before Sir got home. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Just sitting

I couldn't believe that my wife's new boyfriend could be so brazen.  As Sarah was in the bedroom getting ready, he just sat opposite me in the lounge just staring.  And it wasn't my face he was staring at.  He just sat there staring at my panties. OK, Sarah had told me often enough that I should keep my legs together now I was wearing skirts, but I had a terrible time remembering.  So he sat and stared, and I sat and blushed.