Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cruel comments

"Hmmm yes. I love the virginal white look" said Kate as her hand came round to feel my pantied bottom.  "Of course you aren't going to be able to wear white for very much longer you know little one".  She gave a knowing laugh.  She could be so cruel sometimes.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lost forever?

She was holding them out to me encouraging me. I didn’t want to put them on, but she was so insistent.  I felt so helpless and confused.  One moment I was determined to resist. After all I was a man and I didn’t want to wear panties.  The next moment I was about to submit to her pleading.  She was right after all, wasn’t she?  What did it matter what I wore in the privacy of our bedroom.  And maybe she was right that they would help our sex life; that had after all never been great shakes.  I could see that she was turned on by the thought of me wearing her panties, and one part of me deep down wondered what the lacy and pink panties would feel like.  I took the panties from her hand, stepped into them and drew them up my legs. My wife smiled that small knowing smile.  For some reason I felt that I was lost forever.

Monday, 24 March 2014

You silly girl they are far too big.....

I begged Madam for weeks to allow me to have the surgery.  And at last she let me and I had my own breasts at last.  When I got home from the clinic Madam was appalled.  "You silly girl they are much too big".   Admittedly none of my lovely pink bras fitted any longer. But how could breasts be too big?  I just didn't understand.

Lipstick lessons

Madam always demands that my lipstick is perfect - just like her own.