Monday, 9 July 2018

Please stop

When i got home from school there was no sign of Mistress.  There was just him.   When he started kissing me and touching me it was something i didn't want.  'Please stop Sir' i whispered.  But he began to feel my knee and run his hand up under my skirt. 'Please stop Sir', i whispered again a little uncertainly.   But he didn't stop and when he got the vibrator out and began to apply it to the outside of my panties it fairly took my breath away.   i couldn't think as he kissed me and made me hotter and more excited.   'Do you wish me to stop now little one?'.  'No Sir.  Please don't stop'.


  1. Hmmmm....who wouldn't love to get felt up like a naughty schoolgirl!!!!
    I love my school uniform although my wife thinks it's funny!!!!

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  3. Sissy's can be like a fine sauce,, the longer you keep them simmering the better the results.

  4. Ohhhhhhh yesssss,so true treat me gentle and sexy make me purrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmm so goood slow n easy!