Monday, 24 June 2013

Perfectly ridiculous

I felt so ridiculous. It wasn’t the costume; the skimpy maids dress with the lovely lace edging certainly made me feel so feminine and sissy and I had come to enjoy that part of it.  In fact I looked forward to dressing up each day now; the panties, and bras, stockings and suspenders, slips and crop tops were becoming less an exciting game as more a part of who I was. But taking commands from my wife Zoe was a new experience.  Her sharp voice called me into the bedroom to recieve a list of the days chores.  The curtseys and the ‘Yes, Ma’am’ and ‘No Ma’am’ was a little humiliating.  As Zoe seemed intent on spending the whole day in bed something told me that I would have to get used to this fairly quickly.

Monday, 10 June 2013

His forever

The way he kissed me was wonderful; his hands feeling me beneath my short dress.  I was already a little in love with him, but I was also a little bit scared about what he would do when he discovered my secret. Slowly his hand went to the front of my frilly white panties. He paused and broke off looking at me in the eye.  Then he began to kiss me again and gently stroke my sissy clit through my panties. I loved him then more than anything; I was his forever.

Pretty panties - which ones would you choose?

Thursday, 6 June 2013


I hated it when my wife was mean to me. She was angry and upset I could tell that. But what particularly had I done now?  Was it the dirty dishes that I had left in the sink from lunchtime? Was it the fact that the laundry basket was still full?  Or was it because I had been playing dress-up in her bedroom again and left her panties lying on the floor?  It had been so wonderful feeling her best pink panties ride up my legs and over my bottom and sissy bits. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t squirted my sissy stuff in them. Anyway I knew what was to come next; a very severe spanking.  And I couldn’t say that I didn’t deserve it.

A christening

Madam had spent three years and a lot of money making me look how I did now.  She was so proud when Sir christened my new breasts. From his smile I think Sir was pleased with them too!