Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dressed to impress

Whenever my wife invited her boyfriend Adam round for supper she always insisted that I dressed to impress.  She would even go to the trouble of buying me new outfits, which she insisted I modelled for her beforehand. I could never work out why this was as after I had served them dinner it was she who ended up in the bedroom with her well hung boyfriend, and it was me who ended up in the spare room crying my eyes out. 

When Sarah was out of the dining room it was pretty fun flirting with Adam though.  I wonder if he likes me....?


  1. Dear Sarah Jayne,

    This is part of what it is - isn't it? Being a sissy? Being - not simply submissive - being subservient? To a Domme wife. What we do, we do to please her. And yet, we do please ourselves. Still, they are the woman. And we're not the man. We're sissies.

    Great post!



  2. Leeanne, you are absolutely right. Us sissies just need to be submissive. Or at least i do:) Thanks for reading, kisses, Sarah Jayne xx