Monday, 2 July 2012

The next step

“Take a look at the picture, Missy.  Go on. Take it and look at it.”  I held the picture unsteadily as I gazed at the girl.  “What do you think of her?” asked Sarah my wife.  
Certainly she was attractive.  “Do you want to go to bed with her?” asked Sarah.   “Do you want to take her and fuck her?” I looked at her in surprise and with some embarrassment.  I could feel myself going red, but I couldn’t answer.  After all the girl in the picture didn’t really turn me on.  “No, of course you don’t because you are a sissy”, Sarah said finally breaking the silence.
“What you want to do is to be like her don’t you? You want to wear the same pretty pink stripy bra and pink top nestling the same breasts”
“You want blond hair with a rose in it and the same red lip stick covered pouty lips.  You want to feel soft and pink and be a girly.  You do don’t you?”
I was surprised by my own reaction.  Just thinking about it that is exactly what I wanted. Not to be like her, but to be her.   And in fact as I looked at the picture I began to get more excited.
Standing there looking at the picture Sarah reached over and put her hand down under the waistband of the skirt and felt the now prominent bulge in my panties.  “You do, don’t you?”
“Yes”, I whispered “I do want to be her”.  I wanted to wear the clothes and the makeup she wore. I wanted to look like her, and act like her. I wanted to go shopping, and talk with  friends as she would.  I wanted to have the freedom to be her, to have boyfriends or to even have my picture taken in a pink outfit just as she did.  This was my first realisation of what it was I did want.
Sarah smiled.  “I knew this was what you wanted.  I knew as soon as we were married, and am so glad that I have asked you to wear my panties, bras, stockings, blouses and skirts these last weeks.  From now on no borrowing; we must get some of your own”. 
She pulled me towards her and cuddled me in her arms.  I loved the feel of her breasts as she held me, and grateful to her for protecting me and making these decisions for me.  I was so lucky to have Sarah as a wife.

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  1. Wow! That was hot! It's how we all feel. I think. thank you for that.